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chris's shop/garage

so the guys came yesterday to get the soil ready to pour the foundation for chris's new home. chris spray painted the out line before they arrived. nice and detailed my husband is.
nathaniel was in the basement working with chris when the crew arrived. i brought him up so he could watch. and watch he did. with all the little boy noises you could imagine. (that would be drywall dust all over my son)

ohhhh big trucks.

they dug with the backhoe (no chris you may not buy one)

then they made it all flat and even and pretty. also notice that it is so big to capture the whole garage/shop with my camera.

there will even be a driveway to get to it.

again, i tried to get a whole pic of this huge thing that is taking up my back yard. chris spent the evening working outside (not sure what he did, i am not one for details)
chris is a very happy man today. he can't wait to get home and go back and work on it. chris has been taking nate with him, it's too cute. nathaniel trails behind him, talking away, picking up all the rocks, sticks, know being a great help....getting dirty. i would not trade it for anything.
life is good. i am blessed. god never forgot me.