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school and more school

 not too shabby buddy boy!  almost a month of color!

ive been watching my to do list grow the last few weeks, so i tackled some of it this week.  i pulled out the laminator and got to work.  love the laminator, i only have to do the work once and reuse it on ellie

we do a verse a week, so i was able to get 20 more done....should take us into the new year....
i laminate them back to back to save sheets :)

i picked up a grammar book, which i LOVE. we do 2 lessons a week and i plan on reusing the curriculum with ellie and again in a few yrs with nate.  i made up signs to hang up in the class room as a visual reminder and to nate's delight i personalized them which he loves to read!
 again they are back to back to save laminator sheets
its also a great refresher for me.....cough.......
 nate came to me with an idea last week! he wanted to record on a sheet the books he reads. so i grabbed an old reading log sheet from last yr and away we go.  there are 3 columns, one if the book was read to them, if they had help or if they read it alone. nate loves writing the book down and getting a star....what ever encourages him to read to me....haha
 monday morning was beautiful, the frost was crisp and delightful
fall is almost over
winter is on its way
 coloring.  ellie loves markers
 this includes eating them
 yesterday they were hanging out while i got ready for gym
they are besties
love it!
there ys go, a glimpse into our life!

funny thought

monday nate had his eye test. cool. the eye dr was asking nate school questions, which we usually both don't answer, switch the subject or try to avoid talking about our school in public.....i noticed that we both do as the dr asked her questions i made a teacher joke and nate laughed (something along the lines of his teacher being super awesome)

the eye dr looked odd at me. then i proudly and boldly said "we home school. i am his teacher"

for the first time, i've "come out" and said it.  with out a care to what she thought of it.  ive noticed a boldness when in public, or rather a mind of not caring what they think or say.  i am tired of ignorant and harsh comments about homeschooling

i home school and i am proud of it
ha! 2 comments

monday already? sigh

 i switched up our school devotions to this awesome book of short stories. i read them while nate lays on the floor.  yes, i read with my feet up on the desk. ha

i finally found a craft nate loved. a zombie. hahaha
 one of my favorite things. watching nate work. i love it. he usually swings his legs and sings. ha
 ellie this am. taking after me. what a ham!  i had to wake her up at 8:30. haha, sigh

i cant believe its monday. where did the wkend go? i spent a lot of it in bed, i have some kind of funky germ  that's annoying. grrrr. anyways, i did manage to cross 2 things off my wkend to do list....maybe this week ill get to the rest?

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super heros, life and learning.......

 my super hero for jesus
 his selfie shot. its funny each time i upload my pics i find pics that he's taken. they crack me up

nate taking in the sun
ellie was sharing her apple with him
 we spent time this week during our * "free time" in the mornings creating structures

* morning free time is AWESOME. i've intro'd this in our routine back in sept. i spent the mornings doing house stuff, running errands, sleeping in. haha, the kids play what they want, but there is no t.v or video games. actually nate doesn't get much tv, if at all...its basically a chunk of time for me to get things done before we do school so i am free to focus on that. it works really well for us
 he loved it

i also did ellie's first updo!  so fun to have a girl!
 we also played this fun game....its teaching him strategy....that's quite educational.....cough

 yesterday aunty came up for a visit. i kept nate home from church and we hung out. cry, me and the kids.  when i put nate to bed last night he told me that "he loves aunty so much and is so glad he got to spend time with her and that he will go to the mall with us again" hahaha could be the huge booster juice i bought him

my little book lover! ellie has always loved books but now shes bringing them to me to read to her. so fun!  she LOVES the interactive books that have things for her to touch, lift, smell etc... its cute
this  morning, she brought me a book to read.  i can hear nate's 2 yr old voice saying "read book"

i've noticed ive been asked more often lately how school is going, its asked almost in every conversation...i can honestly say, it's going very well.  maybe it's the combo of changes i've made, more patience on my end, asking chris to do things that i ran out of time to do,  hanging out with ppl who have kids the same age as us and seeing how chilled they are and seeing the results of my work

i know last yr i did feel the brunt of the life style change, no more mom groups or play dates.  and watching my friends shop, lunch and hang out with no kids and the freedom that brings.  while i felt left out and alone.  it's not like that anymore.  i feel that my days are full and fun, relaxed and flexible.  i do get out, on nights and weekends.  but it doesn't feel like a huge sacrifice anymore, it feels normal. 

i can finally say that i am truly content with life and it's wonderful to wake up feeling this way. 

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walk on a cold day!

seriously, can they be any cuter! ha

i had a dentist appointy yesterday am so chris took the kids for a walk. it was SO cold out.  i had the stroller in my car so chris used the wagon. he tied ellie in, put a warm blanket on the bottom, a pillow for her back, remembered to put her jacket and hood up and even gave her a toy to play with.  chris said she never said a word the whole time, even thou it was cold out. she just sat there and played with her toy...that's our little joyful girl. calm, relaxed and content.  nate pulled her around. what a brother he is!

nate is decked out in his "super hero for jesus" mask/cape. they made these on sunday at superkids.  nates been wearing it for most of the week so far he puts the mask on and yells "i'm a superhero for jesus!" then runs through the house with me yelling "jesus didn't run in his house!" ha

have a great tuesday!


sunday pics!

 me and my kids this am
 i love them. nate was done with picture taking. ha
 until i found him on the couch with ellie
 sharing her toys
 tough guys

ellie is in head to toe borrowed clothes. love it! the dress is charlotte's, the tights from mom and dad and the shoes from veronique. i love how they all together!  dressing girls is fun stuff! ha 1 comments

a week of home school stuff!

 we hit the park monday morning to get the wiggles and giggles out. the girls swung
 nate shook trees

we start up with some activities a few weeks back, but i've not taken pictures?  wanna know why?  i'm way too busy talking!  ha

each activity we've joined has a great group of kids nate's age and an amazing group of mom's. i've made it a point to reach out this yr and meet as many ppl as i can. i am blown away by how open and friendly this group is!

on day 2 of gym, i started chatting with a new mom and long story short....we are related! she's from lantz. how fun is that?!
 the only shot i have of nate going gym stuff. ha
 ellie and her my gym friend. they play together each week, sharing snacks. it's a true friendship when the pass the fishy up around. ha
 ellie saw a donut on the table. she wanted it. haha

fri we started back up with mad science. i can not rave enough about this program. or rather our teacher!  i LOVE her. the kids love her and she makes the class so enjoyable. mrs. charlotte home educated all her 5 kids, equalling 21 yrs in total and is such an encouraging lady. she makes science come alive and always has a 'pep' talk to us moms along the lines of "you can do this!"

the classes are a bit pricy, but i've saved and put money aside to make it happen. science is my weak spot so i love having her pick up where i forgot....oops....anyways....ellie is more than welcome in the class which makes it a family friendly class
 this semester is structures
ellie got in on the action too
 they split the kids up into groups to create a structure. this was nate's group
 they worked well together. so funny to watch boys work together vs girls. the boys all made a structure independently, mostly with their backs against each other, then came together at the end to make 1 large structure....girls??? they all chatted and created together. ha
 then fri afternoon we were treated to the home school library day!  SO fun!
ellie with her name tag. too cute!
 they had 10 tables in a room set up with activities, a puppet area, music, story, scavenger hunts, a computer class, snacks for the kids and adults....etc....i was blown away by it.  and it was free.
 ellie watching a show
 the boogie station, which ellie rocked at
 a craft table
 ellie jamming
 more tables
 more activities
 story time. i got the kids their snacks and ellie sat up front. so cute
they were hoping for 20 kids. over 50 showed up!  they separated the kids by ages so the room had room for us all!  i spent most of my time (after the scavenger and treasure hunt) on the carpet with other mom's with kids ellie's age.

it was a great opportunity to chat with friends who know what we go through. i am so grateful for a great moncton home school group!

that was a peek into our week...out side the book work!



i saw this pic tonight and i had to post it!  it's my all time fav pic of quinn and i.  he was minutes old in this pic.

quinny, you were in my arms minutes after you were born (i did allow your mom and dad to snuggle you first haha) i was so taken with you right from the start.  i love how you were reaching up to me.  i remember talking to you and sharing with you how very special and loved you are.  our first grand baby, nephew, son and cousin.  we love you quinn!

while i was holding you, nate was still in my belly, but nate was aware of you, he kept kicking me or was it you he was trying to kick?   haha

so this blog is for you.  i love you quinn! 4 comments

this and that

chris and i were chatting in bed last night, we usually try to connect each day and share the silly and seriousness of the day. i told him a few stories and he thought i should blog them so we have a record of i am!


i was sitting at the laptop chatting with a friend while balancing on the front 2 chair legs, leaving the back 2 in the air.  nate was suppose to be outside playing with the kids when he comes running by me from the front door in his full superhero garb (cause he is a super hero ya all!) when he grabs the chair and sets it on all 4 legs and at the same time he says "there, i just saved your life. just another day being a super hero" and ran out the back door


this morning while cutting his 'toads in a hole' he looks over and me and says "well this is awkward"  i'm like hu????  and he says "the word awkward means to not know the outcome resulting in a feeling of uneasiness. i can't cut my bread. it's awkward"

ok then!

last week while doing a room inspection i discovered a framed picture in nate's bed.  i noticed it missing from the wall when i came back from the cruise.  the picture is of my dad in mexico, i called nate in and asked him what it was all about and he says

"i just love papa so much i want to sleep with his picture so i can see him all the time"

my heart

one last one

ellie was having issues with her sippy cup, nate walks over and fixes it for her while he walked away he says "my work here is done"


yesterday i was looking for the remote. i checked everywhere for it! i couldn't find it anywhere. finally i called chris on the phone intercom (i don't like yelling in the house so when we have to call to each other on a different level we use the phone which is also set up as an intercom)  i said to chris in a rather frustrated and snotty voice where he put the remote seeing as he was the last person to have it the night before.  i told him to get up staris and find it for me

i then got busy platting supper and getting it off the stove

out of the corner of my eye i saw ellie walk around and go to the front cabinet where she LOVES to open all the doors and drawers.  she came to me and stood beside me at the sink, i was pouring hot food so i wasn't paying attention to her.  she said "mamama" after a few rounds of "mamama" she reaches out and touches my leg and says "hi, mama"  i look down and there she is holding  the remote out to me!!!

the little stinker took the remote, put it in the cabinet and remembered it! she heard me ask chris about it and went and got it for me

i was and still am shocked!

home school update

i am so grateful that i hooked up with a solid, seasoned home educating mom last yr who encouraged me with words, phone calls, emails and hugs and gifts to encourage me last yr....i wanted  quit every friday from sept-dec and put nate in school...i stuck the first yr out, which is the most challenging yr i've been told.  and i am SO glad i didn't

i took the advise of her and a few others and made some changes during the last yr, i joined up with other mom's who home school, put nate in classes and spent a lot of time praying over the summer

i LOVE home educating. it's who we are. it's our life style. it fits us to a t.  i can not imagine not doing this. yes i have my days, yes i cry and get frustrated but my patience level has really grown. a lot.  my nerves are stronger and i feel closer to my kids and closer still as a family unit

i love being home with my kids and watching them grow.  i love being the one who teaches them.  i enjoy learning along side of them. i love the friendships i've made because of this life style but most of all, i LOVE being in my cosy, comfortable bed at 7:30....getting up when i feel like it, enjoying a non rushed morning at my pace. ha!

so yea, home school is da bomb for this group of eigenheer's! 2 comments


 hehe quinn was here!
after everyone left yesterday i walked into the living room and saw this. i know it's quinn's doing!

we spend a lot of time with neighbors and their kids. yesterday i was wanting some family time so we head out to feed the ducks
 nate rode haha
 ellie was carried
 then we stopped and played in the leaves!
 our little joy
 our blessings
 seriously? my heart
 a close up
 then we looked over and saw this
a close up again

so much to be thankful for
i love my little family
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