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seeds? check!

foot prints in the garden?


cute little rows?


chris took nate to his swim lesson last night and i was out the back door, seeds in hand as soon as they left. i've wanted to get the seeds in the soil for weeks but with all the rain and what not, it hasn't happened. it's done!

i decided not to change the size and make it bigger. i am not sure what next summer can bring and i did not want to take on something i can't maintain (no i am NOT preggers)

this yr i did cucumbers, beans (yellow and green) snap peas, peas, carrots and turnip. i can't not wait to taste it!!!!!!!!!!

out and about


having fun. see they both can smile if they want to. the key word is want too.....

my little man

such a stinker, he's growing so fast

d day. we all had our cleanings today. nate did AMAZING! he let the "cleaning lady" do everything, scrape, floss, brush, clean. she was able to use all the tools and did a complete cleaning. on a 3.5 yr old

he even got the mouth piece with the flavoured fluoride. i was so proud of him. the dentist was even able to do a full check up also. they were very impressed

nate does have a soft spot on the back tooth, it's not a cavity but if let go it will turn into one. it's way in the back at the bottom of the tooth, it's hard to get at it with a brush. we've decided that since he's gonna have these teeth for another 4 or so yrs we will take him to a kid dentist and have the tooth filled to cap off the soft spot and prevent any damage

then bec nate was so good and it being ms. v's b-day today we dropped by with a cup cake and a hug to wish her an amazing yr...and nate got to see the puppies. SO cute they are!


i had to run in the house from mowing the grass and i came back to this

seriously. this kid cracks me up. i love him!

that's us! how are you?

choc p/b cupcakes

a few ppl asked me how i made them...this is how...make a p/butter ball and roll them (you can tell which ones nate did :)

1 cup p/butter
1 cup icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 c butter
and i threw in some corn flakes for the crunch

put them in the fridge to make them hard

then use any cup cake recipe and put the ball in the middle and bake
mmmmm so good

then add icing for more calories. haha

"i am just going to smell them mom"

yeah right

goodness this kid is cute


k. this is for tiffany! i told you that there was an every woman's battle book!!! haha and i found it!! at frenchy's last week. this is such a great read, i am 1/4 of the way through it. the men started a every man's battle small group. it changed my marriage. seriously. one day i will blog about it. it's funny how 1 word, said at the right moment, heard the right way can change everything.

nate and his newest bbf, he stuck to her like glue all night. so cute...blurry i know but so cute

us this is my cottage look

weston, oh weston you are just too funny

like glue

sticky glue


we went out to j/j's cottage last night. what fun. i love it! the cottage is nestled in the woods, with a brook running in the back, a fire pit it's so cosy, so quaint, the inside is all wood so as soon as you enter you smell the wood, i loved it. one day we will have one....right chris?....right?....right! ;)

we got home around 10:30 and nate was in bed at 11, he did SO well, hardly any crank !

fun seeds!

i bought nate these seeds but with all the RAIN i haven't had a chance to plant them so we did the next best thing

we started them inside and we will transplant (sounds so serious haha) them in a week or two

he did it all by himself, not that bad of a job or mess for me to clean up!

and yes we spend a lot of time in p.js on rainy days!

child abuse?

naw just a little father son bonding time as chris teaching nate the "R" sound...up against the house


what ever works for ya...ha

i was in the house and came out to this, it cracked me up. we are totally going to love home education and coming up with creative ways to learn

fun full day!

love it
weston and nelson taking nate for a drive

adorable much? i love this kid

look ma no hands! ha

duck feeding time!

nate and i met s and her boys at the park this morning. the high light of the park trip was nate almost falling face first into a huge mud puddle. his boot and leg did meet the mud...nothing that a little soap and water didn't clean up

all by himself...lala

after the park nate and i met chris and went to anther park. i am totally taking in the amazing HOT weather!

we dropped chris back at work. i plugged the meter full and nate and i hit down town, we did lunch, played and when it just got too hot we hit the library! it was our first and i am SO going back. it was a hoot! from riding the elevators to running over the bridges...lots of things to do!

some library toys

puppet play

nate wanted to know how i knew it was him...haha

puppet nate!

then he took turns putting on puppet plays with some other kids

puzzle table

and back outside to play in the public fountain...oops?...haha

we had such a blast. it was a great mommy day!


A Pair of Shoes

I am wearing a pair of shoes.
They are ugly shoes.
Uncomfortable shoes.
I hate my shoes.
Each day I wear them, and each day I wish I had another pair.
Some days my shoes hurt so bad that I do not think I can take another step.
Yet, I continue to wear them.
I get funny looks wearing these shoes.
They are looks of sympathy.
I can tell in others eyes that they are glad they are my shoes and not theirs.
They never talk about my shoes.
To learn how awful my shoes are might make them uncomfortable.
To truly understand these shoes you must walk in them.
But, once you put them on, you can never take them off.
I now realize that I am not the only one who wears these shoes.
There are many pairs in this world.
Some women are like me and ache daily as they try and walk in them.
Some have learned how to walk in them so they don't hurt quite as much.
Some have worn the shoes so long that days will go by before they think about how much they hurt.
No woman deserves to wear these shoes.
Yet, because of these shoes I am a stronger woman.
These shoes have given me the strength to face anything.
They have made me who I am.
I will forever walk in the shoes of a woman who has lost
a child.

Author Unknown

i don't normally like on line poems or stuff i come across on grieving and what not but this poem was cool so i thought i would post it

the part i agree with is the last. i am stronger bec of it, i faced fears (and still do) but i did it with boat loads of help. i will forever be a mom who lost a child, i will be used because of it. for my god

it's not who i am


it has helped make me into the person i am today

He gives strength to those who grow tired and increases the strength of those who are weak is 40:29 0 comments

You take care of the earth and water it,

making it rich and fertile.

The river of God has plenty of water;

it provides a bountiful harvest of grain,

for you have ordered it so.

You soften the earth with showers

and bless its abundant crops.

You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;

even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.

The grasslands of the wilderness become a lush pasture,

and the hillsides blossom with joy.

They all shout and sing for joy!

ps 65


today was a productive day! chris planed a bunch of trees while i mowed, cleaned cars and the garage. i am so stoked about our trees!

nate helping chris get the garden ready

digging, digging, digging

i decided to keep the garden he same size this yr with the possibility of expanding it next..

no clue what tree this is, but i love it!

another tree, again no clue what kind

cherry tree! now we have 2! we also go a 5 kind apple tree, the large tree in the middle (top pic) is going to grow 5 diff kinds of apples! yeah! stoked baby!

freeloader that boy is! i can't get over how much we got done today but mercy man! i am tired. it's was a great work day!

movies and such

bawahhhh how could i not snap a shot of this? we sat in our seats and there on the ground was a wet floor sign...bawaahhhhhh we laughed so much i thought s's water would break. ha. so girls, i think the sunday afternoon movie is a great idea, who wants to make it 3 in a row? hah!

nate was showing me the pine cones on the trees in the back yard

the trees are growing!

love this pic. to feel the delight of a child again

climbing nates new play structure

new to us


it costed us a whole 50 bucks, we had to take it down, clean it up and set it up mind you. chris sprayed it and once it's dried i plan on staining it dark to match the deck

someone was in a rush when he got dressed

love it!