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6 yrs

to forget you is impossible
ill remember you till i die

i love you ben

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 working on making patterns while i did school with  nate
 no matter how old you are, you are never too old to crunch ice
 my ellie joy
so, johana has really taken a liking to ellie's class thurs morning, she now sings, claps and hums the songs and interacts with the other kids.  she is so cute to watch.  my little jo is growing much too fast 0 comments

the kids

 we forward faced jo the other night in the van, at 15 months i was ok with it in the van. i think/feel that she is too tiny to be forward facing in my car for now. so ill keep her rear. but she LOVED and i mean LOVED being forward facing in the van!!!!

thurs night, nate came down with a tummy bug. i put him in my bed, and held him as he slept
 i was created to do this....i can do it
 ellie my ellie
playing with her doll
such a delight you are
so much fun you bring to our little family!

ellie funny.  yesterday, i was bending over cleaning up toys when i felt someone come up behind me.  then i hear ellie's voice as she touched mt butt and she said "oh mommy! you have the cutest bum!"  and pinched my butt! haha
every time i see her naked bum (jo too) i grab them and say "you have such a cute bum!"
bawahhhh i laughed and laughed
 i was marking nate's work and laughed at question 3. the picture was an ice cube, but ill take Antarctica dude!



 i was busy today, i had 3 wonderful helpers.  hahaha.  last night, i picked up some PURPLE tree wrap and made myself a purple, pink, green and blue tree. totally NOT traditional but ever, so me!  as i was wrapping the purple wrap over the tree, i stopped and asked chris "i bet you never thought you would have a PURPLE tree!"  he agreed

but then again, he doesnt care about trees and he thinks they can be popped up dec 24 at 7:00 pm...haha not in my world!

because i have 2 wonderful BUT super busy 2 littles under 3, i decided to keep the decore very simple!
 jo helped taking apart what i put together and you would hear me say "JOHANA!" then pick her up and smother her adorable face with kisses. i dont mind her help!
 my tree!
 fire place missing the lime green wreath....mental note, to find it and bring it up!
 my nativity blocks. the only thing the girls can play with. haha
 and while i was taking pictures jo was doing this!
and once again i yelled "JOHANA!" and picked her up and covered her with kisses

SO thankful for her.  0 comments


at it's finest

thank you chris for showing me this after i tried to explain a problem to you, got mad and left to run an errand and came back to this in my in box

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 we are studying (were) bats, super fascinating creatures.  they leave their baby bats (most bats only have 1 baby at a time) in a nursery with 100's-1000's of other bats.  bats cant see well, so they use scent to find their baby out of the nursery.  so we did an experiment to see if nate could find his baby by closing his eyes....he did
 fri, chris and i introduced nate to his new responsibilities, he is now responsible to cleaning the front room daily, cleaning up his crap, some more school work including 30 mins of coding each day AND he is now doing his own laundry.  washing, sorting, folding AND putting away.  below was his first attempt at putting it away. not too bad and it took ALL my will power to not go in after him and refold his shirts and hand up his pants....ii proper order.....color and size. hahaha
 ellie showing me her new crafts from her church. ha.  she loves that she wears charlies old clothes. she is always saying "charlies dress!"
 what to do with 3 LOUD, hyper kids on a rainy morning?  why,, you play videos and let them dance



 we woke up to our first snow fall!  it wasnt much, but what ever, the kids were happy about it
 oh ellie. my ellie. she wanted to wash the dishes for me.  so i let her play in the sink and she did for almost an hour.....then she splashed about 4liters of water over the floor, counter and chairs.  i ended up using all my towels to clean the mess up. sigh
 and then i turned around to this.  johana!  her most favorite thing to do is empty cupboards and take all the caps off the markers!  wheeeee such fun! hahaha
 nate working on a game for math, i was trying to make it fun for him.  he did end up learning to skip count by 9 and multiply 9's



 the other day, i saw ellie in my craft supplies...i had 2 choices to make
1. go and tell her to get out of MY stuff with out my permission or
2. just leave her, go down stairs and wait and see

i chose 2.  about 5 mins later she comes running down with a huge smile on her face and says look mommy! i made you a picture.  i asked her what it is and she said "eliana is making a flower sandwich"  love her creativity! and she cleaned up after her mess!

then she took a little nap. its such hard working being 3!
 my little eliana. such a joy.
 i think she's kinda pretty too. ha
 love nate in the back ground
 i was picking books to go along with our native study and found this one!  i have to read it now!  haha  jon, you can have it when im done with it.  haha  oh and tell jess i saw a copper wine glass and almost bought it for her!  i didnt cause it was like 50 bucks har
 ellie was on the other side of the door, they were playing peek a boo
life is good. challenging at times.  i am still sick and yes, im going to the dr on monday.  so its been a challenging week. 

ellie is in the stage where she's emotional and breaking down over everything. i remember going through this with nate!  so im putting my patience into practice. 

nate is pushing boundaries, bec he knows im not on my game with not feeling well, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with him, keeping him in check.  making sure he's towing the line.  and when all 3 are having melt downs at the same time, it can get maddening at times

BUT i know that its a stage and as much as the kids are learning and growing, so am i. 

so even thou my pics looks like a happy family, know we yell, struggle, snuggle, scream and forgive.  life is like that! ha


hats and books

 johana, such a funny little card.  i love her. so glad we had her! 

on monday, i was working away in the school room, nate was writing his math test and he starts to laugh. out loud.  then he comes to me and says read question 19.  uncle jeff would love this. he hunts with bows and not guns. hahaha i thought it was funny...
 we went for a walk the other day.  ellie wore her hat. and took a book and her elephant with her
 she then sat down and said "im going to sit here and talk to you" haha
 big world
little mouse ears girl


sunday's stuff

 last night ellie asked me to bring her george and grover, she HAD to have them to sleep.  after searching all over the living room (she was in her bed) i could not find them.  then i stopped and thought to myself and said "if i was ellie, where would i put them?" 

voila. i went to the cupboard and found them. bawahhhhh

chris. chris. chris. how i love you and your shop.  i can not tell you how many hours he spends out in his shop.  i had to go out and take a picture.....chris in his happy place
 showing me his lathe
 everything is organized and has a place
 the kid's cover alls hang at his side. these are the BEST gifts muetti!  they have had SO much useage and saved me from laundry!!!! LOVE them. and ellie looks so adorable in her's, with her ringlet hair and cover alls. ha
 note, more plans and more fun....

i realized today that chris doesnt have stress or anxiety in his life....i think its bec he's so into his hobby...i think it's a good thing to have and i am such an AWESOME wife that 'allows' him all the time he wants to be out there....alone.  for reals, i don't mind
 this morning. i tried to get a pic of ellie's outfit. we got many complements on it.  from her leather coat to her boots
 i pinned up her curls.  it was adorable
i told ellie this morning that she was going to church she replied "YES! i love my church"  awesome! 0 comments

nana and papa!

 my parents came for a visit last week, they had the week off and joined us for a few days.  i was SO glad they came. 

1-my kids truly enjoyed having them here and i hear a lot of nana and papa chatter from ellie
2-i got so sick and they were here to help me out!  for the first time, through 2 pregnancies, 2 newborns i have NEVER taken a sick day.  not ONE in 4 YEARS.  i did last week, i took thurs off.  i am STILL fighting this stupid bug but i feel a lot better today than yesterday so im hoping its on the end....there is nothing worse than a head cold/sinus issue with loud kids. haha. i almost cried when nate brought  a friend home on thursday. hahaha

back to the visit....
 papa and the girls.  charlie is missing or i would have said papa and his girls!
 ha keeping an eye on papa and her 'juice'
 tues night, we took ellie and nate to the new snoopy movie. this is ellie's first movie!  she was so impressed and keeps asking "we go back and see a movie?" and lots of "nana and papa come visit again? at MY house? on MONDAY!!" haha
 my little ellie
 JESS!!! jo's boots arrived. johana wont keep socks or shoes on her feet, shes not walking yet anyways but when she's out in public she needs something on her feet, so jessica my amazingly, super talented sister in law made a pair of booties for johana....but ellie thinks they are hers and wears them all. the. time.  she even napped in them
the only pic i could take of her in the boots, standing.  i bribed her with a sucker. haha

aren't they awesome!! 0 comments