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 we are studying (were) bats, super fascinating creatures.  they leave their baby bats (most bats only have 1 baby at a time) in a nursery with 100's-1000's of other bats.  bats cant see well, so they use scent to find their baby out of the nursery.  so we did an experiment to see if nate could find his baby by closing his eyes....he did
 fri, chris and i introduced nate to his new responsibilities, he is now responsible to cleaning the front room daily, cleaning up his crap, some more school work including 30 mins of coding each day AND he is now doing his own laundry.  washing, sorting, folding AND putting away.  below was his first attempt at putting it away. not too bad and it took ALL my will power to not go in after him and refold his shirts and hand up his pants....ii proper order.....color and size. hahaha
 ellie showing me her new crafts from her church. ha.  she loves that she wears charlies old clothes. she is always saying "charlies dress!"
 what to do with 3 LOUD, hyper kids on a rainy morning?  why,, you play videos and let them dance


Ursi said...

I totally hear you Mel. I think one of the reasons why I still do all the laundry is because I don't have the will power yet to not "fix" it after Katie (or even Jeff) folds laundry. I do enjoy the job, but I know I'll have to teach the girls eventually and have to let them do it "wrong" - I mean DIFFERENT ;)

mel said...

oh my word you are SO an eigenheer! hahahaha chris firmly believes, everything that is done differently from the way he does it, which is the only/ right simply wrong! ha nate has this mentality too....oya.....

and it is SO very hard to not go in to nate's room and clean up after him.....but i will do that for school....he's such a messy kid! his stuff is everywhere!

wanna chris funny? i do his laundry and pile it up on the floor because i wasnt putting it away the way he liked it. hahaha so now i drop it and let him go at less thing for me to put away! haha