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 the other day, i saw ellie in my craft supplies...i had 2 choices to make
1. go and tell her to get out of MY stuff with out my permission or
2. just leave her, go down stairs and wait and see

i chose 2.  about 5 mins later she comes running down with a huge smile on her face and says look mommy! i made you a picture.  i asked her what it is and she said "eliana is making a flower sandwich"  love her creativity! and she cleaned up after her mess!

then she took a little nap. its such hard working being 3!
 my little eliana. such a joy.
 i think she's kinda pretty too. ha
 love nate in the back ground
 i was picking books to go along with our native study and found this one!  i have to read it now!  haha  jon, you can have it when im done with it.  haha  oh and tell jess i saw a copper wine glass and almost bought it for her!  i didnt cause it was like 50 bucks har
 ellie was on the other side of the door, they were playing peek a boo
life is good. challenging at times.  i am still sick and yes, im going to the dr on monday.  so its been a challenging week. 

ellie is in the stage where she's emotional and breaking down over everything. i remember going through this with nate!  so im putting my patience into practice. 

nate is pushing boundaries, bec he knows im not on my game with not feeling well, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with him, keeping him in check.  making sure he's towing the line.  and when all 3 are having melt downs at the same time, it can get maddening at times

BUT i know that its a stage and as much as the kids are learning and growing, so am i. 

so even thou my pics looks like a happy family, know we yell, struggle, snuggle, scream and forgive.  life is like that! ha


Jonathan said...

Haha, cannot wait to read that with Copper, and good call on the wine glasses, we can instead drink 50 bucks worth of wine out of juice mugs :)

mel said...

you know sippy cups work awesome for wine glasses ;)