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 i was busy today, i had 3 wonderful helpers.  hahaha.  last night, i picked up some PURPLE tree wrap and made myself a purple, pink, green and blue tree. totally NOT traditional but ever, so me!  as i was wrapping the purple wrap over the tree, i stopped and asked chris "i bet you never thought you would have a PURPLE tree!"  he agreed

but then again, he doesnt care about trees and he thinks they can be popped up dec 24 at 7:00 pm...haha not in my world!

because i have 2 wonderful BUT super busy 2 littles under 3, i decided to keep the decore very simple!
 jo helped taking apart what i put together and you would hear me say "JOHANA!" then pick her up and smother her adorable face with kisses. i dont mind her help!
 my tree!
 fire place missing the lime green wreath....mental note, to find it and bring it up!
 my nativity blocks. the only thing the girls can play with. haha
 and while i was taking pictures jo was doing this!
and once again i yelled "JOHANA!" and picked her up and covered her with kisses

SO thankful for her.