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nate funny

 so ellie made a little friend at the park the other day.  nate was NOT impressed. he told me that this boy was giving his sister "googly eyes" and nate told him to stop it right now!
 the little boy was not afraid and spent the rest of the time chasing ellie around. hahaha
so nate is now old enough to read the news on the computer, sometimes i leave the screen up with cnn on it.  last week he was a article about a mom who was in jail/was sentenced for abusing her son.  nate came to me to talk about what he read/saw because to him it didnt make sense.  basically his mind could not understand that a MOM would, let alone could, deliberately hurt her own son.  the story did not go into detail about what she did, thank goodness but it brought up a great conversation between us.  at the end nate said "im sorry for calling you a mean mom"

how innocent is he?  to not understand that a mom could hurt her own kids.  i want to protect him for as long as i can.  soon enough he will be in the world an really find out how messed up it is

disclaimer- i do NOT home school to shelter/protect my kids from the world. ha