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 we woke up to our first snow fall!  it wasnt much, but what ever, the kids were happy about it
 oh ellie. my ellie. she wanted to wash the dishes for me.  so i let her play in the sink and she did for almost an hour.....then she splashed about 4liters of water over the floor, counter and chairs.  i ended up using all my towels to clean the mess up. sigh
 and then i turned around to this.  johana!  her most favorite thing to do is empty cupboards and take all the caps off the markers!  wheeeee such fun! hahaha
 nate working on a game for math, i was trying to make it fun for him.  he did end up learning to skip count by 9 and multiply 9's


Ursi said...

Oh I remember those days with my girls. It was from one mess to another. I pray for wisdoms, patience and rest for this time in life��

mel said...

its funny, cause the way i react/respond to the girls is totally different from nate. i think it's bec ive been here before and i know these days will patience level has def grown!