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my johana

 blurry i know. but this is my monkey. such a funny little thing
 i found her like this. pants off, sooky in her mouth, in my cupboards!
 her legs!  those little legs!
 and on the stove! she was trying to climb up on my stove!
 this is how snack time rolls around here
 yep. foot on the table!
 music class!  she loves music and was totally into the tunes! 
 i posted this to show her little (huge) bump!  johana fell off nate's bed!  but she learned how to climb off the bed on her own now!  she cried and cried. i rocked and rocked.  loving the moment, knowing i will wipe many more tears over the years...
seeing as this post is all about johana, i must write about my morning.  its funny with having 3 kids, each one is so different and special and with that i have unique and special moments/times with each kid.  i have always felt close to jo, different than the other 2, NOT above, just different, she's not spoiled or treated different from the other 2.  but i havent had many 'moments' that touched my inner heart

then this morning happened

chris went and brought jo jo to me while i was in bed for a quick snuggle because jo is always on the go!  this morning, she came to me and drew her little body into mine. i rolled over on my side and she took her little face and pressed it into my chest, and didnt move.  for 15 mins or so.  chris was there just watching, laying beside her.  i rolled jo over on her back so we could both see her, she started to cry, so i rolled her back to her side, where she pushed herself again into my body, close as could be.  i just cuddled her and enjoyed her for another 15 mins...i asked chris if he wanted any cuddles and lifted jo off me to his arms

she wailed.  chris gave her back to me and again, she pushed her face into my chest and for another 25 mins we laid there.  in the moment. the clock was ticking away and i knew i had to get up soon for church....finally chris came over to get her, she clung to me, not wanting to move, she then laid her body on my chest and with sadness, chris came over to take her down stairs so i could shower and she could eat, it was after 9!  jo cried the whole way down stairs

my first, heart moment with my little jo.  something happened, something i cant put my finger on but something powerful strong was happening while she was pressed into me.  was it something she needed from me?  dont know. i just held her, enjoyed her, snuggled her and prayed over her.  chris was there to watch it but i wonder, if it was like her being in my body, i felt it, she was inside me.  chris was there to see it, but i experienced it. 

there is something about the bond between a baby and child. 
i know that i am her world. i held her in my arms. maybe like how jesus hold me, my world in the palm of his hand?  so strong.  so powerful

jesus, i am truly thankful for what you have given me.  good and bad, happy and mad. you are faithful. thank you


wk-eigenheer said...

Wonderful !


Ursi said...

Thanks for sharing Mel. I love early morning snuggles, but they become less and less as the girls get more independent. I think you're doing a terrific job of treasuring the moments you have! I can definitely leanprn from that.