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nana and papa!

 my parents came for a visit last week, they had the week off and joined us for a few days.  i was SO glad they came. 

1-my kids truly enjoyed having them here and i hear a lot of nana and papa chatter from ellie
2-i got so sick and they were here to help me out!  for the first time, through 2 pregnancies, 2 newborns i have NEVER taken a sick day.  not ONE in 4 YEARS.  i did last week, i took thurs off.  i am STILL fighting this stupid bug but i feel a lot better today than yesterday so im hoping its on the end....there is nothing worse than a head cold/sinus issue with loud kids. haha. i almost cried when nate brought  a friend home on thursday. hahaha

back to the visit....
 papa and the girls.  charlie is missing or i would have said papa and his girls!
 ha keeping an eye on papa and her 'juice'
 tues night, we took ellie and nate to the new snoopy movie. this is ellie's first movie!  she was so impressed and keeps asking "we go back and see a movie?" and lots of "nana and papa come visit again? at MY house? on MONDAY!!" haha
 my little ellie
 JESS!!! jo's boots arrived. johana wont keep socks or shoes on her feet, shes not walking yet anyways but when she's out in public she needs something on her feet, so jessica my amazingly, super talented sister in law made a pair of booties for johana....but ellie thinks they are hers and wears them all. the. time.  she even napped in them
the only pic i could take of her in the boots, standing.  i bribed her with a sucker. haha

aren't they awesome!!