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 ellie is totally into making things!  every day she will ask to make something specific. so now i ask her to tell me what she wants to make the day before so i can have it ready for her. its a great way to keep her busy and the mess contained while nate is finishing up school. i cant do the crafts when jo is awake, it quickly turns into a gonk show!  so this is something i plan to do with her when jo is sleeping!

last friday ellie wanted to make a minion. and she did
 see!  she held it upside down and it was a sad minion. ha.  so far she has made a spider, butterfly, a bee on a flower, a caterpillar on a leaf, a lady bug and today a sprinkled donut. ha tomorrow she wants to make a monkey
 little jo, such a delight
 fri night! the kids are together, nates shirt is off (cant get him to keep it on!) let the fighting begin! hahaha