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sunday's stuff

 last night ellie asked me to bring her george and grover, she HAD to have them to sleep.  after searching all over the living room (she was in her bed) i could not find them.  then i stopped and thought to myself and said "if i was ellie, where would i put them?" 

voila. i went to the cupboard and found them. bawahhhhh

chris. chris. chris. how i love you and your shop.  i can not tell you how many hours he spends out in his shop.  i had to go out and take a picture.....chris in his happy place
 showing me his lathe
 everything is organized and has a place
 the kid's cover alls hang at his side. these are the BEST gifts muetti!  they have had SO much useage and saved me from laundry!!!! LOVE them. and ellie looks so adorable in her's, with her ringlet hair and cover alls. ha
 note, more plans and more fun....

i realized today that chris doesnt have stress or anxiety in his life....i think its bec he's so into his hobby...i think it's a good thing to have and i am such an AWESOME wife that 'allows' him all the time he wants to be out there....alone.  for reals, i don't mind
 this morning. i tried to get a pic of ellie's outfit. we got many complements on it.  from her leather coat to her boots
 i pinned up her curls.  it was adorable
i told ellie this morning that she was going to church she replied "YES! i love my church"  awesome!