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missing a kid!

 yesterday i drove the kids to oxford to meet up with dad, who picked nate up and brought him to hali for a few days.  nate was thrilled to go, we got there a bit early so i took the kids to the park.  we were catching the tad poles and watching the fish swim
 jo jo watching from the bench. i gave her the sooky bec the poor thing had a quick nap before we left and was missing her afternoon nap....she did good thou!
 charlie came with papa to surprise nate!
my beautiful niece. love her. love her top (i picked it out hahaha)

so nate is in hali until sat. i have about 3 lists of things i want to get done while he's gone!  so far so good, the girls have been napping for 30 mins and ive already crossed 4 things off the list and cleaned the bathroom.......which was not on the list but it was gross after nate's shower yesterday....gonna teach that kid how to scrub when he's done!

that's us!!! off to my list. i have 1.5 hrs left! 0 comments

big girl!

 johana is now in the big girl chair!  i gave her some cheerio's to munch on and she was quite taken with the whole process
 she then decided it was much easier to put her mouth on the table top and suck them up
 pick pick pick!
 and back down to suck some more up
 she was very pleased with it!

to make the transfer of the chair from ellie to jo, jo i told her she can sit in daddy! chair while he's gone and she sits beside nate for supper.  it's cute, they push their chairs up close and giggle and share food....yeah...
 my toe!!!!  nate was running to give me a hug (he was excited he got his math right!) and ended up tripping and running his toe into mine. resulting in this.  it hurt SO bad!
 ellie, my little ellie. she was very happy to not nap!
 i went up to put jo to bed and came down to this. i was like??? what????? how????? then nate came out laughing telling me he had set it up for her while i was gone to trick me into thinking ellie did it.  good one nate, you did get me! 


it's time!

after much thinking and ho humming and going back and forth i've decided for the time being, it's best to go private on my blog.  if you want to access to my blog, please email me at mel_eigenheer at hotmail dot com  and ill add you to the list and you can keep reading and catching up with us!

ill leave it public for a few days, then shut it down!

thanks for reading!

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 ellie put the hat on jo. ha
 such a happy little thing
 working on her back crawl, push ups and bum scoots
 and showing off the whole time
 so thankful for you johana
you bring such fun to our family little one. my little surprise. oh how we needed you!

johana did so well over the weekend. i am so happy she warmed up to mom and dad and was ok with them watching her.  i was a bit nervous about the whole thing. my little baby! but she rocked it, like the little rock start she is! 0 comments

water fun

 the weather was so nice, i put on the sprinklers. they had a hoot.  the wind was SO strong and sprayed me a lot...then i got cold and shut it down. haha
 after naps snuggles with my big girl
i love you ellie joy! 0 comments

morning class

 i decided to take our home school on the road yesterday. it was so nice out! we went for a walk, while nate road his bike in the dirt piles.  he got his wiggles out, had gym and i met a few new neighbours along the way. 

i forgot that we home school and i dont realise the looks i get when they see nate and realized he should be in school. esp yesterday, we spent the morning outside, playing and enjoying the sun.  i was able to explain "oh, we home educate." and i always include "nate does his book work during nap time in the afternoon" and to be honest i got mostly positive responses and lots of questions
 nate decided to eat his breakfast in the chariot
 and snuggle jo jo.  jo always has her legs on the bar.  she LOVES the chariot
 then we had a lunch picnic before naps
oya oya oya!!!!!!!

this past weekend was the home school conf.  i spent a lot of time talking to people, helping chris and didnt sit in 1 lecture, speaker or work shop.  i have no clue what they talked about BUT i did connect with some great people! haha

i hit up the used book sale on fri night and got a lot of readers.  i did get  my spelling and bible readers for next yr brand new, from a vendor.

now to start the daunting task of organizing my home school library! sigh

and a HUGE shout out to my AWESOME parents who drove all the way up from hali (missing a family wedding) after watching my sis kids for the week AND dad has a viral infection....and watched my kids for me. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

and off to start prepping for a NEW school year!  wow grade 3 already??? 0 comments

sassy sun

 johana decided to not partake in the sunday service, and instead hung out with me in the atrium. which allowed me to still hear the service and meet lots of people.  i am quite taken back, i must admit, by how friendly this place is.  ellie stayed in her class and was quite pleased to say "i had cookies and juice!" when i asked her how her class went....ha ha ha

our neighbors joined us as well,  their kids loved their classes. so yea for an all around great sunday!
 mommy and baby snuggles. i love them
 silly pants being a fussy, delightful girl
 after the kids went to bed, i found dolly. i guess she was still eating her snack? love how i find ellie's imaginative play all over the house. so refreshing from my logical son.  how different they are. i love them for it!



 starting her day off with some fries
 such a happy, little thing
 and she's trying to crawl. no!!! stop!  this year is going by so fast
 sisters, playing together
 i think she is so beautiful. my ellie joy!



 ellie feeding her doll
 and again
 and again
and now its nap time

i am forever finding dolls around the house, in various stages of feeding, napping, clothing and baths. its so cute to watch eliana take care of them. she is such a great helper and has such a soft, nurturing heart. love her 0 comments


 zoolander? har har
 love her bib placement
ohhh the wind! my dolly olly! 2 comments

my shade home~

my house!  i LOVE it. chris built this baby while i was away with my sis last week. i love it and have laready used it a bunch of times!!!!!

thank you SO muh chris. i love it! 0 comments