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im back!

 last thurs, my sis and i hit the road for some much deserved ALONE time.  its been almost 2 YEARS since i have had some ME time.  i chose to go shopping. there is NOTHING like browsing through a store, with a java in your hand, with NO ONE.  it was awesome.  we shopped and i mean, shopped.  we hit up so many stores, had so many awesome meals and i even shocked my sister by eating curry and spicy! im stepping out of my box!!!

we came home mon, after a long drive.  it was about 9-10 hrs for me, a 12 hr drive for her. but we were able to catch up, laugh, sleep and just enjoy feeling free.  i had a blast

now im playing catch up, cleaning, laundry and spending time with the kid...well i guess im back to being a mom....but now i have cute toes and shaped eye brows.  funny story, both of the older kids noticed with in 5 mins of me being home that i had a pedi and new purple toes....nate later noticed my eye brows were shaped. haha
 outside the hotel. the landscaping was amazeballs. and it was SO hot!  we were well over dressed, which gave me a great reason to buy new tanks. har har

we stayed about an hr outside boston
the only pic i took!  after this store, i think it was costco, i put my phone away and took no more pics. hahaha.....this dude was full on asleep. snoring and drooling. it was a hoot to watch!

and after my mini run away, im back! 


Crystal said...

We should make it an anuual thing! So much fun!

Chris Eigenheer said...

ummm YES!!!!!!!!!!! lets do it bi annually!!!!! tri-annually????? lets do it monthly!!!

mel said...

this was ME not chris. he was signed into my blogger AGAIN. grrrrrr