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morning class

 i decided to take our home school on the road yesterday. it was so nice out! we went for a walk, while nate road his bike in the dirt piles.  he got his wiggles out, had gym and i met a few new neighbours along the way. 

i forgot that we home school and i dont realise the looks i get when they see nate and realized he should be in school. esp yesterday, we spent the morning outside, playing and enjoying the sun.  i was able to explain "oh, we home educate." and i always include "nate does his book work during nap time in the afternoon" and to be honest i got mostly positive responses and lots of questions
 nate decided to eat his breakfast in the chariot
 and snuggle jo jo.  jo always has her legs on the bar.  she LOVES the chariot
 then we had a lunch picnic before naps
oya oya oya!!!!!!!

this past weekend was the home school conf.  i spent a lot of time talking to people, helping chris and didnt sit in 1 lecture, speaker or work shop.  i have no clue what they talked about BUT i did connect with some great people! haha

i hit up the used book sale on fri night and got a lot of readers.  i did get  my spelling and bible readers for next yr brand new, from a vendor.

now to start the daunting task of organizing my home school library! sigh

and a HUGE shout out to my AWESOME parents who drove all the way up from hali (missing a family wedding) after watching my sis kids for the week AND dad has a viral infection....and watched my kids for me. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

and off to start prepping for a NEW school year!  wow grade 3 already???