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missing a kid!

 yesterday i drove the kids to oxford to meet up with dad, who picked nate up and brought him to hali for a few days.  nate was thrilled to go, we got there a bit early so i took the kids to the park.  we were catching the tad poles and watching the fish swim
 jo jo watching from the bench. i gave her the sooky bec the poor thing had a quick nap before we left and was missing her afternoon nap....she did good thou!
 charlie came with papa to surprise nate!
my beautiful niece. love her. love her top (i picked it out hahaha)

so nate is in hali until sat. i have about 3 lists of things i want to get done while he's gone!  so far so good, the girls have been napping for 30 mins and ive already crossed 4 things off the list and cleaned the bathroom.......which was not on the list but it was gross after nate's shower yesterday....gonna teach that kid how to scrub when he's done!

that's us!!! off to my list. i have 1.5 hrs left!