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the doll house

 i sat jo on the floor beside the couch last week, i left the room and came back to this. she scooted from the couch to the doll house ellie was playing play with it herself!
 she had all the dolls in her hands and was placing them in the house.  it amazed me how each child is so unique, i have gender specific and gender neutral toys in the house and they each choose/gravitate to what they enjoy.  so awesome to watch. i often wonder, what would ben be like??  he would be starting k this fall.  i think of him often and miss him. 
 back to joyful jo! ha.  she was putting the baby to sleep in the bed! 
jo finally cut that second tooth, doesn't crawl yet! (thank goodness, im in NO rush for that) she scoots, does her push ups and enjoys being around the family.  love this baby girl!
 johana cuddles. the best kind of all!
 discovering that kicking the doll house makes music/noise so fun to watch
 another day, more playing
 the heavy concentration
 teething johana. lots of drool and hands in the mouth
 ellie dressed herself last thurs. not to bad!