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sassy sun

 johana decided to not partake in the sunday service, and instead hung out with me in the atrium. which allowed me to still hear the service and meet lots of people.  i am quite taken back, i must admit, by how friendly this place is.  ellie stayed in her class and was quite pleased to say "i had cookies and juice!" when i asked her how her class went....ha ha ha

our neighbors joined us as well,  their kids loved their classes. so yea for an all around great sunday!
 mommy and baby snuggles. i love them
 silly pants being a fussy, delightful girl
 after the kids went to bed, i found dolly. i guess she was still eating her snack? love how i find ellie's imaginative play all over the house. so refreshing from my logical son.  how different they are. i love them for it!