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quick update

i haven't been posting as of late due to my extreme almost coma state of sleep deprivation. i feel like i did when nate was 3 weeks old.

for some reason (thyroid?ha) i have not been sleeping. like for real. you know when some people say "i haven't slept at all last night!" but really mean, i slept for 5 hrs but i feel like i haven't slept at all. i am one of those. "i haven't for real slept at all last night" girls.

i have tried so many things to sleep. i have asked around for advise but they are not working! i am sooo tired!

my tired but did not work list

-warm milk-it tastes gross and made me get up to pee. purpose defeated
-go to bed and read-nope, just wanted to stay up later and read
-work out before going to bed-just made me hyper
-eat small meals all day long-i have been doing this for yrs. obviously doesn't work
-go to bed later-ha. ummm no, just more tired
-go to bed earlier-did and still did not sleep
-take a bath-nope did't work
-sleep with the window open-nada
-sleep with the a/c on-again nada
-read the bible-haha
-sleeping pills-nadadada

i just want to sleep! any tips?? help!!!

other than that we are alive and well. we are having our first ever family pic's done. yeah, i suck with that....nate is 2 yrs old and we don't have any family pic's! wish us luck with that!

until next time... 0 comments

rethinking chris and this shopping thing

i found this letter written from a store manager to a customer regarding her husband's play while shopping....i am now in the process of rethinking and evaluating chris and my habit of forcing him to shop with me.

for the record, i adore shopping, chris despises it. i mean loathes it. it nothing but utter sheer torture 0 comments

wall art

i bought some cheapo clothes clips, hand painted them because plain is so boring
took some fun green string (garage sale .25 cents) and strung up these nifty abc's with tools on them! voila. cheap wall art. i plan on getting his big boy bed set up soon. i just keep putting of "inside" work until the gross weather is upon us. we had rain yesterday and today so i took advantage of it and painted.
bad news. ikea has their new catalogue out. i love the new boy bedding over what i already bought last do i keep the stuff i already have or sell it and get the new line? decisions, decisions....hah!

potty update

nathaniel brought me a diaper yesterday and asked to sit on the pot. he did some reading, talking and toilet paper playing....then ate his smartie, begged for a fish. flushed, waved bye, bye to the water and that was it.
no real update. he hasn't done anything in the pot. he loves to wave bye bye and flush for me (man, that would have sounded so gross pre-nate, now it's normal) he also loves to yell POOP and PEEEEE in public, superstore seems to be the choice place to do it. ha.
have a great weekend everyone!

friday fun

you are about to watch a melt down in progress. step 1, not getting one's way. trying to decide to be a mature 2 yr old or melt down. in public
step 2. take off hat, melt to the floor

step 3. lay flat on belly, kick legs and pound the ground
step 4. when mommy's only response is to laugh and take pics, move on to step 5

pound the ground and yell at the top of your lungs...then i put the camera away, picked him up and we had a little talk about public fits. i told him to smarten up or we are leaving. he chose to stay...
and play with some bugs
not being able to get close enough, he got down on his belly, face on the ground and played with the bugs. am i a bad mom to not stop him but take pic's? ha.
nate is having a off day today. it started with projectile vomiting on the ground, little lunch and an extra long nap, that part i don't mind...he's going on 4 1/2 hrs now....

partay mommy!

chris woke me up and gave me my 1st present of the day! he took the day off work, so i could go back to sleep and SLEEP IN! i did. for 20 mins. i could. not. sleep. i wanted to start the day! (man, how have i changed???!!) i went into the kitchen, bright and early for my birthday breaky/cake! chris was up until 1:30 making this for was yummio!
i insisted on having coffee and breaky on the patio. i just got out of the shower, hence the wet hair...chris surprised me with 3 presents to start with (we normally don't exchange gifts on b-days, so i was surprised)

then after we opened the gifts, took some phone calls...we hopped in the car and went to shediac. we stopped for lunch on the way...nate loves to sip from straws these days
yummm mcdee' choice. ha (chris really, really wanted it so i gave in)
nate took his milk aka "juice" with him
reflecting life with fries and ketchup (nate dips most everything these days in ketchup)
what's a trip to shediac with out stopping by to see the world's largest lobster
after trying like 20 times for a pic, we finally got this baby....yeah...not a great pic...what ever
then i came home to this!
i adore flowers, esp roses. i had to take 2 pics. chris got me 2 doz roses

i finally got my ipod/music things....with a gift card to i-tunes to down load! wheee! now i can finally walk with music! chris also got me the not so shabby arm band to carry it in!

then i got this baby!
it's a 3 doz cup cake carrier or 3 pan carrier or what ever size i need carrier! they all clip together, or can be used separately, the cupcake tray comes out so i can also use it to carry squares, cakes, mini cupcakes, brownies! i really wanted one of these. this one is the best i have seen!
chris made me the best gift evah. he made a set of 4 sizes level. so when i am rolling fondant or cookie dough, i can pick a size and the dough/fondant will be the same size all over! perfection every time!
mom and dad sent along this super cute bird feeder. chris wants me to hang it outside, i think it's to perty to put outside. so for now it's on my counter
while i was on the phone, nate was busy stacking all his toys on chris....
so, yeah it was a great day. we spent the afternoon at magnetic hill village, we had ice cream and Slurpee's to try to keep cool...then we escaped the heat to costco...
to end the day, chris got me my johnny coupon book! it's this sweet book stuffed with bogo's for mani's, pedi's, massages, hair cuts, and a crazy amount of restaurants as well as hotels, day trips and much more. i love it! chris also got me (finally!) an intercom! he has a unit in the shop and i have one in the house. no more trying to find him, going out to get him or yelling for him...all i have to do is page or call him. i love it!!
yeah for birthdays!

my song

my song

i lift my eyes up to the hills today, that's where my help comes from

my help comes from the maker and creator of the universe

my father is not going to let my feet slip-he is always watching me

he's also watching over my family

my father covers my head when the sun is super hot

he also provides light when it's to dark to see

he watches over every area of my life and keeps me from danger

he keeps me safe as i come and go

today, tomorrow, always

psalm 121


quinn the poser

my most fav pic evah

quinn will smile for me any time, any place, no matter what mood he is in... thats my boy! i did have a few more awesome smiles but for some wonky reason they won't upload for me. oh well. here is 3 good pics for his mommy!

reading corner

the house was oddly quite, which means nate is up to no good, i went in search for him. i found him, tucked in the corner
reading to himself
he was there for well over 1/2 hr.
notice the green couch? we bought them wayyyy back in the spring for the theater room that's going to be in the day...the guy was keeping them at his house all spring/summer but needed to drop them off 2 weeks ago. we took the couch from the rec room and shoved it in the front living room until the theater room is done. they are HUGE. but they are the most comfy couches i have ever sat on. i slept on them twice last week. love them...and can't wait to put them where they belong!

i can now take my garbage to the curb!

the city was here yesterday making our curbs! whee! next step a sidewalk then a PAVED road. so. much. fun! also, see that house on the very end, they got the best location (not lot) , surrounded by trees, at the end. they were the first house that was built but i would keep our lot any day. and you can also see (cause this will intrigue the e's) how much top soil we are going to need to level it out. we will have to re-seed the front. oh, well
our nice, new curb...which nate already left his mark, he threw a rock on it and made it dirty. no worries the crew came back to do touch ups and fixed it. ignore the blue tote.

zoo again

nate had to find the biggest walking stick on our way in and carry it around with him
starting his journey
the goats were all better and we were able to feed them (they were sick last time) but i didn't have any quarters for food. so we just hung out with them instead
wheee nate had no fear of them, me....eww..they stuck and were dirty and would peck at me
then we stopped for a snack of goldfish and reflected on life
then nate had to chase the ducks...again..
hey! come here!
then my memory card filled up and i was unable to take anymore pics...what you did miss was nathaniel losing yet ANOTHER hat in the water....soo off we went to get another one and ended up with a dorky MVP cap, it's aug, only the ugly stuff that no one wanted is left. oh well!

nate's b-day

after spending 1.5 hrs decorating the fish cookies, my kitchen counter looked a bit messy
closer peek
the fishies! all decorated with fondant. the fondant took almost 2 hrs to make (i made a triple batch for my sis...which we didn't even use!), then another hour to color. so far we are at 3 hrs, plus another hour to make the cookies from scratch. so far 4 hrs
after the church picnic, i rushed home, threw (not really) nate in his bed for a nap and i went and covered the cake with the blue fondant. it was easy-peasy. i was done decorating the cake in an give me an hour to make the cake...and we are at 6 hrs. yep, 6 hrs to make this cake
another shot
ok, one more
nate's birthday dinner decorations (which he loved)
after we feasted on an amazing (it had to be, i ate it and i don't like meat that much) steak, veggies and potatoes (which nate dipped in ketchup) it was time for the presents. this came all the way from c's parents in ontario
taking the string off

he was one happy, ecstatic boy when he saw the tractor
we was screaming "pease daddy, pease" which translates to "hurry up dad and take it out of the box, please"
then he found the "baby" which he kissed and said "shhh bebe seeping shhhh"
then he ran the tractor on my dining table
yep, he likes the tractor. thanks muchly from nate to his wonderful swiss grandparents
then he opened our gifts, 6 new books. he picked up each one and flipped through them
then on to the cake
there she is all lite up. the first thing nate did was rip the left fish off and eat it. i didn't get any pics of him with the cake, bec i was carrying it. same with the fish we bought him. oh well

i asked chris to cut me a peace of cake. he gave me this. he was serious. i was like, give me that knife and let me cut myself a slice. the cake was yummio.
so there ya go. my baby is now a toddler. full of life and humor. he make me laugh daily. his new words are
"sure" which come out like "shoore"
"hey guys"
"party" (thanks quinn)
"no way" which sounds like "no wayyyyyy"
"hi mommy"
he can also count to 5 and can point out the numbers.
he knows the whole alphabet, we are working on the lower case letters now
he loves to sing, watch animals esp fish, dance and clap his hands
he can pull up his pants, put his arms in his sleeves, put on his shoes (and take them off)
he has yet to go in the potty but does come in the bathroom when i do and claps his hands, yells "yeah mommy, pee in potty" then flushes, and says "shhhh" which means fish. then i say "yes, mommy gets a fish candy" (i have a candy jar of fish for when he goes in the potty) then he says "no! mommy no!" bec he wants the fish himself.
yikes. these 2 yrs have gone by fast!