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friday fun

you are about to watch a melt down in progress. step 1, not getting one's way. trying to decide to be a mature 2 yr old or melt down. in public
step 2. take off hat, melt to the floor

step 3. lay flat on belly, kick legs and pound the ground
step 4. when mommy's only response is to laugh and take pics, move on to step 5

pound the ground and yell at the top of your lungs...then i put the camera away, picked him up and we had a little talk about public fits. i told him to smarten up or we are leaving. he chose to stay...
and play with some bugs
not being able to get close enough, he got down on his belly, face on the ground and played with the bugs. am i a bad mom to not stop him but take pic's? ha.
nate is having a off day today. it started with projectile vomiting on the ground, little lunch and an extra long nap, that part i don't mind...he's going on 4 1/2 hrs now....