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nate's b-day

after spending 1.5 hrs decorating the fish cookies, my kitchen counter looked a bit messy
closer peek
the fishies! all decorated with fondant. the fondant took almost 2 hrs to make (i made a triple batch for my sis...which we didn't even use!), then another hour to color. so far we are at 3 hrs, plus another hour to make the cookies from scratch. so far 4 hrs
after the church picnic, i rushed home, threw (not really) nate in his bed for a nap and i went and covered the cake with the blue fondant. it was easy-peasy. i was done decorating the cake in an give me an hour to make the cake...and we are at 6 hrs. yep, 6 hrs to make this cake
another shot
ok, one more
nate's birthday dinner decorations (which he loved)
after we feasted on an amazing (it had to be, i ate it and i don't like meat that much) steak, veggies and potatoes (which nate dipped in ketchup) it was time for the presents. this came all the way from c's parents in ontario
taking the string off

he was one happy, ecstatic boy when he saw the tractor
we was screaming "pease daddy, pease" which translates to "hurry up dad and take it out of the box, please"
then he found the "baby" which he kissed and said "shhh bebe seeping shhhh"
then he ran the tractor on my dining table
yep, he likes the tractor. thanks muchly from nate to his wonderful swiss grandparents
then he opened our gifts, 6 new books. he picked up each one and flipped through them
then on to the cake
there she is all lite up. the first thing nate did was rip the left fish off and eat it. i didn't get any pics of him with the cake, bec i was carrying it. same with the fish we bought him. oh well

i asked chris to cut me a peace of cake. he gave me this. he was serious. i was like, give me that knife and let me cut myself a slice. the cake was yummio.
so there ya go. my baby is now a toddler. full of life and humor. he make me laugh daily. his new words are
"sure" which come out like "shoore"
"hey guys"
"party" (thanks quinn)
"no way" which sounds like "no wayyyyyy"
"hi mommy"
he can also count to 5 and can point out the numbers.
he knows the whole alphabet, we are working on the lower case letters now
he loves to sing, watch animals esp fish, dance and clap his hands
he can pull up his pants, put his arms in his sleeves, put on his shoes (and take them off)
he has yet to go in the potty but does come in the bathroom when i do and claps his hands, yells "yeah mommy, pee in potty" then flushes, and says "shhhh" which means fish. then i say "yes, mommy gets a fish candy" (i have a candy jar of fish for when he goes in the potty) then he says "no! mommy no!" bec he wants the fish himself.
yikes. these 2 yrs have gone by fast!