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on our way to our wonderful 1 week vacation at jon and jess's place (bad pic of me but you can see nate in the back, super cuteness)
nate hit the books on the way down
jon and jess took us to this amazing, non-kid friendly, cute and oh so adorable tea house. j & J are showing off our "thank you for opening your house to us for 1 week while we vacation on your land" present

then we went to the park
mom/dad and the boys slept in the house. shawn, cry, jess, jon, chris and i slept in tents. in the morning mom and dad would take the boys to their beds (note ursi does the blanket....look familiar?? nate won't sleep with out it)

jess hanging with the looks good on you girl!
then we (as in the men, not us ladies, we sipped coffee, hung out on the porch and did our nails) chopped, split and stacked jon's winter wood. nate also helped
he earns his keep, that's for sure
he would take the wood off the wheelbarrow, and stack it

you go dude
helping poppy
grrr we are men
then we gathered sticks and rocks
after a hard day of work, we went to the river. which nate adored!
nate swimming to uncle jon (shawn was being a big old baby and wouldn't go in the water, he said it was too cold...hummm.....nate's in the water!)

quinn playing in the storage bin...he was playing "parking lot"

then i taught jess how to cut hair. she did a great job! she did chris first
then jon's