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life and all of it's fullness

riding on nate's truck! she pushed it with her adorable toes
testing the chairs out
nate was in a very serious mood
chris's mom is here for a visit, she got her friday morning 
nate and her playing with his top
first jump!
he loves it
i do too
all 3 of them testing it out
ellie had a turn too
last night i hosted the best ever baby shower!
it was the nicest one that i've planned so far!
so laid back and fun
we had ppl come over, bring food and we all chilled out
baby v is shannon and pat's first girl after 3 boys!
some recycled decorations
baby bum cake that alicia made!
thanks! it was SO good!
baby v and lolo!
                                                             ellie being ellie. what a joy
some of the men
we had a lot of men come!  which was so much fun.  i loved these laid back coed showers!
there was SO much food. i sent it back home with ppl. haha
 ellie and nana plumps hanging out!

so that's was our last few days.........Zzzzzzzzzz tired............... 1 comments

peek a boo!

i went in to wake ellie from her nap and found this!
where is she???
peek a boo!
                                                                        pretty girl
hey whats that???  daddy's coffee cup!
my tulips! they are so pretty and haven't started to fall over yet!
thanks mom and dad!
we did art today. nate requested.  it took me about .23232 seconds to yell "YES!"
i got him set up and he went to town
then i had him clean it up
 and he did with a smile!

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quick visit!

but first check this out!  this is what i found mon morning, see how the flower is coming out of the seed! so neat!
mom and dad came down to moncton for a quick visit, they ended up buying a snazzy new vehicle! ha!
hanging out on our patio with our awesome patio set
i only have 3 camping chairs for a patio set. chris sold our old set last year because it wasn't "good" enough for his deck and gazebo
after swimming nate opened his nana plumps mail!
we was quite taken with the frog story! 
papa snuggles before and after she got changed for the day. haha
teaching her to crawl
she's getting there and i am in NO hurry to rush it!
now to clean up and get ready for our next visitors!

happy wed (already?!?!) 0 comments

this is what happens when a man cooks!

chris wanted to cook supper last night
but i found him in his shop! hu?  the bbq is on the deck...
(those wooden things are the tables and benches he built for the kids at church)
what are you doing??????
yes, he bbq supper in his FOUNDRY!  
check the steam out!
gotta admit they were really good!  
i think he should do chicken next time!
ellie kept trying to reach over and grab it! hahaha
this is why i don't like tv
check out the blank stare on nate's face
ellie was being ellie
my dolly after her bath
these are the moments i live for
life is just so tiring
this am. she was swaying from foot to foot
my bean plant!
i am so thrilled about this! it's growing!
check out the root system!
i am almost sad that we are going to rip it apart to investigate it

happy monday ya all's! 1 comments

sunday stuff

while driving home from church this am, i hit the tim's drive throu for a snack/lunch.  i gave nate his and i heard him unwrap it, take the package and smooth it on his lap, i watch him take the pieces a part and spread it out. then i heard him sigh and say

"ahhhhh, the beauty of my lunch"

us this am.  he is such a funny kid
we have this on going battle over who is greater the power rangers or god.  i keep winning. haha
but i love how it has his thinking all the time about how to stump me, which he never does cause god is greater than the power rangers! 
daddy tasking. feeding ellie while texting
maybe i should write an article on daddy on the iphone?
which leads me to a HUGE rant on that stupid article!
have you read it?  it's garbage, ha. i have strong feelings about it
ok back to more pleasant things, like!
smiley, jumping baby girl!

happy sunny sunday everyone!


thurs night nate got mail from quinn
he was thrilled as you can see
this is nate's loot. hahaha i love what kids send each other quinn made nate a puppet a heart shape box with foam shapes a sucker, a picture of quinn (hahahaha) and a note
so cute!
i just have to ask! quinn where is MY letter? haha
this am chris said he would get up and give ellie breaky while i got ready
i came down to this
clicky on the pic to see ellie in the back ground
the boys were waiting and poor baby girl was waiting on the couch for her breaky
i found her like this
yes, she smiles even when she's crying
it was quite late, she got up at 10 this morning
seriously, this baby is amazing!
look what i found this morning!
my bean plan is growing
and like my teapot?  that's my mothers day gift that i bought myself last week. happy mother's day to me!
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happy 9 month birthday ellie!

moments old
first visitor
3rd person to hold her

Can you believe she’s been out longer than she was in!

My little peaceful, calm, delight. Oh how I love this baby girl.  What a sheer joy she has been and continues to be.  I can not get over how much life she brings to our family. I often wish I called her eliana joy!  My little bundle of joy

My little ellie rhe,

I carried you for almost 9 months.  What a ride that was! I was so concerned for you, so stressed and worried. I wish I could say I was relaxed and joyful during my pregnancy.  It wasn’t until after you were out and in my arms that I felt the pressure leave and I knew you would be ok.  Everything will be ok.

Ellie girl, your birth was so peaceful and wonderful.  Your first 9 months have been such fun.  You fill my days with smiles, laughs, jumps, snuggles, sitting with me, on me,  I love your gummy baby kisses.  Your cheeks begged to be kissed!  Your toes!  Your fingers!  How you cuddle your body into my arms, turning your shoulders and reach up to my face as you stare into my eyes while your have your bottle.  Those moments are indescribable.

You wake up smiling, kicking and ready to fly.  You go to sleep with a smile.  You love, love to jump in your jumper especially to music.  You kick your feet to the beat of what ever music is playing.  You love to stare at people until they notice you, then you reward them with a giggle

I hog you, I admit it. The few hours I spend with you each day is so precious to me because I know that I will never have today again, I must live it and love it to the fullest.. 

How many nights have I spent rocking you as you sleep? Too many to count, I loved every second of it.  The nights are my time with you, to look at you, to kiss your face and fingers, to pray over you, to love you. 

Having you has taken me to a place of peace.  A place of just enjoying the simple things. Stopping and taking the time to just watch you and your brother.  I  will never have these days with you, I want to spend them wisely. 

Ellie baby girl. We adore you!  Happy most wonderful 9 month birthday!

Most of all, above everything, I am in awe of gods blessing, to give us this gift when we thought it was over.  Lord, you know my inner most thoughts and feelings, so you know how grateful I am….help me to raise these kids the way that you want them raised. 

Thank you lord. You are faithful!