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the hardest job in the world!

all mothers share the same goal

raising champions to do what they were created to do/be 0 comments

another rainy day!

this is she onsie she wore yesterday. i love cute onsie shirts this one said 
"is it cute in here or is it just me?"
music class loved it
i love this music class, so much fun and so many childhood memories
nate was the blue bird in this game
teaching the concept of spaces and lines to read music
which was turned into a game
i wasn't paying super close attention so i am not 100% on how it went oops
i was busy talking to the moms...haha
then teacher amy busted out her bassoon
nate was very impressed that she could play like his daddy
ellie was practicing her sippy cup
but discovered that shaking the cup results in flying milk which is way funner to play with 
esp after you toss the cup on the floor
very thrilled with her new skills
hey everyone!
last night i found my chief in my bed
he cooked himself to sleep i guess
ellie woke us up last night for the first time since she was a new born. she was sobbing, i rocked and cuddled her to calm her and she went back to bed
very weird and odd behavior from her
this morning i discovered why!
she popped her 7th tooth last night!
our new book!  for book club  we read the mrs. piggle wiggle's magic, it was such a great book. even thou it had a pink cover nate said.  there is about 200 pages so it took about 2 wks for me to get through it but so much fun!
a friend passed along the first book to me to read to nate, we started it yesterday so i am thinking with the rain today we will spend the afternoon cuddled up enjoying this book
its a great read if you have young kids! 
we got our new book club book for june!  this one looks AWESOME! can't wait to start it, it's a longer read at 300 (yikes!) pages but i think we will enjoy it!
i came into the play room this morning and saw this and thought "yep, maybe i am a teacher of some sort"
i am working on the light summer program for nate. i figure we are home with ellie's naps so why not?
while i blog i look over and think can you spot the baby?
she's been playing quietly for about 30 mins now. such a happy baby!
and now to start our day.  we are doubling up on school work today so we can take off tomorrow to halifax for the generations unite conference!  chris is staying home with ellie, nate and i are hitting the road!

have a great week end everyone! 2 comments

2 thoughts

1.  my new addiction!  but it's almost gone :(  i picked up this can of spicy chai latte thinking it was spicy hot which would be something chris would like
but it turned out to be spicy as in a wonderful aroma of spices like pumpkin, nutmeg, ginger, so very good!
there is 1 scoop left and i hid the container from chris....i want it! haha
next time i am going to the states i am bringing back a suit case of this!!!
so good! it's better than starbucks!
2. second thought. when in the world did my BABY grow up so fast???????  she's touching the edge of the change table. sob sob!  my baby!  look at her.  sob sob  she's 10.5 months now and it went by so fast.

i am so grateful to god for giving her to us. we needed this sweet baby to share her joy with us, to learn to live in the moment and simply enjoy her.  she is a constant reminder that god is always good. he's a faithful god 2 comments

little of everything!

yesterday we celebrated friends of ours new baby boy!
it was rainy and gross out so everyone was inside. made for a funner shower
shannon eating with the kids
seriously, what can i say about this pic! it captures my friend's personalities to a t!
pastor gary's wife shirley holding the shower boy!
we had 3 babies at the shower! fun!
my baby girl with her bestie timmy
she loves him
lo (the baby hogger muwahhhh)
holding or is she nursing. hahaha victoria
veronique needs to be a midwife!
this am i got another delivery of the natural inquirer!
i got about 20 magazines! for FREE!
now do you see why i need a high chair for miss silly pants?
leg out of the chair, nate's fork in her hand!
she loves the bath!
loves to splash!
there is NOTHING like a freshly bathed baby in new clothes
my piece of heaven
a self shot of us
some play time. ellie ate everything nate made for her. literally

and that's a wrap!  another busy wkend! i went to see the great gatsby sat and i am honestly not impressed with it. i walked away let down. boo. i had such high hopes for it and what a let down!  i did how ever get to catch up with a friend and see some amazing previews for the summer!

and off to swim i must go!
happy rainy monday! 2 comments

school and life

we took a morning break yesterday and nate took ellie for a ride
she loved it!
i had nate dbl up on work yesterday, book club was suppose to be this morning (totally fun!) but was canceled last night anyways....i found ourselves with a morning off today!  i LOVE it.  i'm thinking that this dbling up on thurs to have fri off is a great idea!  i need it. ha!
we painted for art
then made a craft that nate came up with on his own! i was stoked!
how much do i love having nate sit beside me, swingeing his legs, chewing gum and working away on a project
blessed i tell you. i am blessed!
for lunch ellie said her own grace
actually she was resting her teeth on the table!
silly girl!
i decided to feed ellie some of my lunch, tuna! 
she was not happy!
then we met chris for a coffee and nate played
it was spot raining so we stayed in the car, at one point i said to chris "did i bring ellie?" she is so happy and content
i called her name and got this
she was playing with her feet
we have a pappy baby! tell that to charlie! haha(charlie wants a dog and think she is a dog! ha)
nate was helping ellie crawl before he took off to play with some kids

and that's us in a crazy nut shell! 0 comments


nate decided to have breaky in ellie's chair while we waited for her to wake up.  finally at 8:45 i went and WOKE her up. nate had  music this am and had to be out the door at 9:15
nate moved his chair from the other side of the table to sit beside ellie
she LOVES it
prob bec she adores her brother!
she kept grabbing his hand
so sweet!
after lunch i took the kids out for a bit around the neighborhood
i've decided to stop dreaming of moving to the country and to enjoy where i live
i am blessed to live in such a well populated (harhar) area filled with kids for nate to play with (to prevent the home school socialization issue. hahaha) and to be honest, great neighbours!
anyways, nate ran almost the whole time! the energy!
then we did some off rode adventures
                                                         and ellie had her first solo swing ride! pushed by nate
she loved it
                                                         smiles and more smiles!
     blessed am i!

this am i read this and was thrilled with it and i thought i'd share

i will bless the lord who has given me council, my heart (mind) instructs me in the night season (hard times). i have set the lord always before me (even thou i am confused! or what ever) because he is at my right hand, i will not be will show me the path of my life and in your presence there is fullness of joy..... ps 16:10-11

wonderful! 1 comments

i'm home!

don't ya love my mother's day flowers. bet you can't pick the ones nate picked for me!
thursdays as soon as chris got home my sis and i tore off for our sister wkend away!
it was anything but relaxing and refreshing
if anything i came back more tired .haha
but at least we got our shop on and enjoyed the sunny weather! ha
morning of day 2
some things's don't change
we hit some traffic on the way to the outlets
6 lanes!
1/2 way through day 1!
more traffic!
end of day 1!
end of day 2!
we got some good deals!
and i came home to housework. can't escape that! haha
i had a little helper and man! what a helper she is!
she was the sorter
mom and dad were up for the wkend, i was able to spend some time with them sun afternoon. they came and picked nate up mon morning for a swim while i was able to play catch up on some work. thanks!!!
then uncle johnny came home from his trip out west
ellie was very upset with him for leaving her for so long!
she made up with him haha
and that was my wkend away! i am so tired! haha.  shopping can tire one out.  i didn't get anything that is worth blogging about, mostly household things that i would normally buy here and groceries.  i picked up a few tops and such for me and the kids and a lot of home school things from the dollar tree.  love that place for school stuff!

and back to life we go!  i am counting down the days till summer vacation! wheeeee! 3 comments