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baby girls

 i forgot to buckle jo in and she almost kicked her self right out. but that's ok. she's such a happy little baby
 i found ellie like this. hahaha she again, wanted to go to bed. at 10 AM!
 i put jo to bed
 ellie wanted to take care of her baby
johana is just ok with everything! 0 comments


 nate wanted to hold jo jo. she loved it. i snapped a few pictures
 he is such a great brother and a help
 my 3 blessings. oh how i love you guys. such work you are but oh, so, very worth it!
my little jo jo. i want to bottle up her smell and keep it for ever
i love you johana elizabeth!

so there!!! im caught up on my blog!!!!  happy sunday everyone!!!! 0 comments


 this is how you take a jo jo's face in the mirror
the weather was FINALLY nice the other day so i took the kids for a walk, to get the wiggles out

check out the following pic's. ellie is COPYING nate
checking his foot work
 checking out nate's new pose
 i carried jo, jo because i LOVE carrying my baby!
 i love her
 then nate and ellie played ninja fighters...with my rolling pin!  hahahaha
 nate turned the mountain on snow into his play ground
 ellie watched from the porch, its not safe for her to go on the snow, she could fall in and its about 4' over her head
 go yaya!

i can constantly telling nate that ellie watches everything he does, she copies, repeats etc he is a leader and with that is much power!  gods got great things in store for my strong willed child!  and im learning i can do ANYTHING...i taught him to read, to write.  haha 0 comments


 ellie LOVES puzzles. the table at the library has about 20 puzzles, she put each. one. together!
 my angle girl
 she drew this and said "i made a A!"
 tiny legs
 cute girl
 she put this puzzle together and names all the shapes but 2!
 which made me proud because i've been working with her on her shapes!
 she did it!
 ellie's face when she realized that nate was behind the puppet show
 love them
 so blessed
 love how close they are....
they have no choice. they are home schooled. muwahhhhh
you learn real quick how to get along when you spend a lot of time together! 1 comments

school round up!

 this is long over due.  i thought i'd do a quick school round up as we head into the final (YEA!!!!) semester!  ive been on all the kids to keep the play/school room clean and after a week, this is what the room looked like after they went to bed!  yeah! 
 this is where nate does his school....he left a few pieces of paper but not to bad! 
 for indep reading nate reads from the worldbook kids crafts series, its super fun, and my awesome garage sale find!  and eats his oreo's at the same time. ha

 we do all about spelling, it really works for nate.  im doing a loose review with him, i find the words are too easy for him but its a great program to use...
 nate does his writing..while i prep his next lesson
 for our read out  loud we are doing tom sawyer.  we LOVE this book. it's been rewritten to adapt to modern talk, and it's easier for me to read. nate actually begs me to keep reading...i plan on finishing it up and moving onto huck fin.  i never read any of these books, so it's all new to me too
 for science we are doing this. LOVE it. i can not express how much i love this curric!  we use the journal book that comes with it and i FINALLY figured this out.... nate is not a drawer/creative with his pencils/markers so i started printing off pictures/diagrams/illustrations for him and instead of drawing he uses the print offs. this is changed EVERYTHING. he's no longer dreading his journal book but instead is taking time and putting effort into his work.....sure its a bit more work for me...he i think it's worth it. i read the text to him....because i want to read it. again, some how i didn't learn any of this in school. so im getting an education too!
 we do our reading on the couch. nate has this jar on gum balls.  i started giving him gum to chew ONLY during school, and ESP during reading time because the chewing of the gum keeps him busy and he is free to listen. this trick totally works with the kids who are super busy/full of energy!
 when it's back to the table for work time, we've been listening to disney instrumentals for back ground music....never songs with lyrics, way too distracting....soft instrumental is the way to go!
 i picked this work book up at frenchy's for 1.75. its awesome for "busy work"  busy work= work that he can do on his own, too keep his busy!
 i also have him write out a word. just to work on 3 things
2- staying on the flipping line!
3-lower case practice.

nate is very weak in this area....
 math is math u see
he's finishing the book this week!
i think im going to take a month off and use flash cards and review to  make sure he's got a good grasp on the concepts and then move him on
 more busy work!
 i took out bible this yr.  in place of it i gave him a devotional to do. he does it while i do mine. its working really well
 writing is almost over too
i plan on working with him hand on for the next few weeks in his language arts. i want to enforce what he learned, and make him put more effort into this area! 

so that's a general peek into nate's work....i try to do most of the work with him when the girls nap.  it's working out well so far

cant believe im going to be prepping for grade 3!!!!!  wow!

school is going well. and im being honest!  i really love home educating. sure it can get touch but when doesn't life????  i am very glad we chose this life style! 0 comments