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johana bridge!

there are so many reasons why i love my inlaws.  as different we are, like night and day. ha.  they let me be me and i love them for that and in return they are free to be them and to show their love and support in ways  i could never come up with.  love can be shared many ways, some ppl use words, gifts, cards, music, poetry etc.... my father in law, vati, one of the kindest, most sensitive and thoughtful man that i have had the honour to have in my life, chose to show his love for his newest granddaughter in a way that brought me to tears.

vati made a bridge and named it after johana.  the path ways are behind their home on the new farm in ontario.  one of my greatest memories of visiting them is walking these paths while the dew is still wet in the morning and again at night, just as the sky is turning dark.

welcome to johana bridge

 i can not wait to walk the pathway with johana and tell her how loved she is, so much that vati names his bridge after her

 showing love comes in many ways, this one touched my heart. 

thank you vati and muetti for showing your love, to my little baby girl in such a kind way.  we love you!

i cant wait to walk the path (and pick flowers haha) and bridge as a family, with you both right there with us

*yes, chris gets his creative "i can do anything and if i cant i will find a way to make it happen. but it will be bigger, better, more functioning and done solid, the right way. the only style" attitude from his dad haha 0 comments

round up

 loving his sister
 proud big brother
sorry i dont have the time to rotate pic. ha  jo last night

so there you go a good update with pics.  not sure when ill have the time to blog again!

jo is a week old and we are getting into a new new as i like to call it.  there are lots of adjustments to be made and rough days a head, as with life but i know we will get into a flow and a routine of somewhat...we will see these days are short and will be over soon, im trying to remind myself when things are harry, like 3 kids screaming at me at once or needing something all at the same time that this time next yr things will be different and i get the patience to get through the situation with out losing my temper.

but over all, things are much better than i thought they would be and i never knew i could function on little sleep as i am, meeting the demands of life and can still go to bed thinking i am in deed blessed!  i wouldn't change a thing! 2 comments

picking up nate

 uncle jon
 first time all 3 are in the van.  seriously!  3 kids!  how awesome is this??!
 having a chat with dad
 listening in awe
my little doll! 0 comments

more jo and ellie

 awww so tiny!
 ellie was being gentle with her, touching her face and hair
 showing daddy the BEBE!
 seriously, my heart!
sisters! 1 comments


 ellie is so gentle with the baby. how ever she does not like it when she cries...haha
getting jo ready for her daily weigh in. her weight is slowly going up, we were down on sun but up again last night.  i have had to sub with formula a few times after 2 3-4 hr feeding sessions and i had nothing else to give. but thats life and its not worth sweating over it
 diapering her doll. she loves dolls and taking care of them while i take care of jo. ellies my little helper girl

i think the biggest adjustment will be ellie, not her behavior or that shes challenging but because she is 2 and is busy. into everything! 
 first smile!
ok its gas but what ever. its a smile

or is it gas left over from us "elective cesarean sections?" hummmmm
above quote from night nurse on day 1. trust me i have more.....
late night nate snuggles 1 comments

more jo

 leaving the hospital!  wheeee off we go with our new bundle
 baby jo, sleeping. so tiny. so blessed
 those cheeks!
 those hands!
first morning home.  family in awe of baby johana. we love her 0 comments

jo day 6

 johana chilling before her first big car ride to pick up nate. jon and jess took nate sat  night to sun to spend some time with him. nate had a great time!  thanks you guys
 resting baby girl
 and later that night, we snuggle
i think you can tell, nate loves his new sister 0 comments

johana elizabeth

as i sit here in silence, the kids are sleeping, my hubby is resting. i'm taking a minute to reflect back over the last few days. i can only say. i am blessed.  my family is perfectly complete....

Short version

Johanna Elizabeth Eigenheer joined us 2 wks early on July 21, at 10:38 am via cesarian  section.  she was my biggest baby weighing 7lbs 3.9oz and measured 19 1/4" in length. she has my dark hair, nate's new-born looks and ellie's soft, gentle spirit. she has adorable, kissable cheeks and long fingers. 

Johanna is hebrew for "my god is gracious"
Elizabeth is hebrew for "concentrated to god" nate picked elizabeth

Long and very detailed version, aka Eigenheer style. ha!

chris and i woke up bright and early mon morning and headed off to the hospital together. i have to say i was a bit jittery about a few things, the spinal! and the unknown of what laid ahead...

after we registered, we hit up the prep room where I was prepped by the nicest nurse. she had me all ready to roll by 6:30....when she came baring the news that an emerg c-section was under way and i was bumped until after

so after some relaxing, for an 1.5 hrs, i was wheeled up to the l&d and my bed was literally touching the o/r door when the bed came to a halt, another emerg section had bumped me again! ha.  i was then wheeled into my private room around 8 to wait until my turn.  i was hooked up to the monitors and chris and i just chilled. to be honest the time flew by and i didn't mind the extra time to just relax and enjoy my last few hrs of being pregnant. 

around 9:45 i was asked to walk to the or. chris was then told to dress up and had to stay in the room until after i was spinaled...that made me sad, knowing chris was not there and i was alone.  i hopped (haha) up on the o/r table and was intro'd to the team who would be operating on me.  my drug lady was wonderful!  i was given some drugs and then it was time for the spinal tap

i sat on the table, and focused my thoughts on good things. i prayed that god would help guide her hands to the right place and i will not have a repeat of the nightmare of the past spinal with ellie.... which i have on video if anyone wants to see the pain i was in.....ha.... after 20 mins of trying with no success and many insertions i was shifted into a new position where my back was arched at a different level...which lead the ani lady to see what the problem was. i have a crooked spine!  she later recommend that i get it checked out because to her it looks like my spine is not developed properly....anyways. after 5 or so more pricks the needle went in and i laid down

right around that time i felt all light headed and funny, apparently my heart and blood pressure dropped and i was given a shot of adrenaline to speed up my heart. totally freaked me out!!!  i am so not a drug person

i was then told by the assist surgeon that my hubby was scrubbing up and i peeked up to see him waving at me. i gotta say, and i never told him this....i was so HAPPY to see him! 

chris then joined me and we did some pathetic kissing and last minute giggles....i then turned my head to look up and focused my thoughts on good things, haha. knowing they were cutting me open.  after a few mins i felt calm and relaxed. i had control over my thoughts! yeah.  anyway i looked up and asked chris when they were going to start, he laughed and said they had been cutting for 10 mins

my obg took her time cutting and getting to baby jo, and i have proof, chris video'd most of it. ha

chris then looked down at me and said "i see her" and then the most wonderful sound of all (next to a cruise ship buzzing its horn as you sail away, or the welcome show at disney or a flyer stating an amazing sale.....) right yes the most wonderful sound of all. baby screaming!  she did 3 high pitch screams and went back to sleep.

the asst. surgeon (who was SO funny and cracked us up the whole time...he even took chris over the curtain side after i had jo, to show him my body parts and explain in detail how it all works....YUCK!)  then he brought jo to me for a look see and she was taken to have a quick check.  bec of the pre-eclampsia and her joining us so early, she was checked before she was put on  my chest. to be honest it was about 30 seconds and little jo was on my chest, right where she belongs!

i laid there for the next 30 mins or so loving my new baby girl. as soon as she heard my voice, she lifted her head and placed her hand over my mouth!  seriously, i was blown away by this little sign of "i know who you are"

as they sewed me up and checked in innards. ha i then had my tubes clamped and shut for good.  ill get into that later... chris then took baby jo jo to my sister who was patiently waiting for her. haha they had some time and i was taken to recovery

my recovery team was awesome and i LOVE the time alone with baby and chris.  jo nursed me right off the back on the or table and i nursed her some more in recovery

i was then taken to my super, awesome PRIVATE (thank you jesus!) room and was shortly joined by my parents, nate, ellie, jon, jess, cry and her kids.  once the fam jam had their time with baby jo, they left us to enjoy our little blessing. we had a few more visitors mon night, it was nice the flow off ppl coming and going and was not overwhelming but perfectly timed (i'm not posting pics of the visitors cause it takes too long and i'm on a time crunch to get this done but you know who you are and i love you guys! thanks for the treats, gifts and remembering nate and ellie!)

having had 2 c-sections before i knew what i was in for, recovery-wise. i was determined. determined! to be sitting up before the numbing wore off, so around 3 i had chris pull me up into a sitting position, around 4 the nurse came in to check on me and was surprised that i was sitting up already. on my own... ha.  i told her i wanted to walk, bec i was hooked up to the iv and had a catheter i wanted her to know. so she ok'd it and i got out of bed, walked to the chair and sat up for another 2 hrs and walked back to the bed.  i was surprised thou that the meds i was on did make me sick. throwing up sucks, let alone with an audience....ha

the hospital has changed policy since i had ellie, one of the best changes was the amount of time they spend taking vitals...instead of every hr the first night, it's every 4. so mon night chris and i got 4 hrs of sleep. yeah!  awesome

my night nurse mon night was a hoot, i'll write a book about her later just say she was a bit bitter, cranky, rude and condescending. for humour and kicks Chris and I messed with her by being over the top nice. Ha. we still laugh about her rude comments to me....and certain things she did.....

tues morning, I was woken up bright and early by my sweet baby jo.  we nursed and cuddled for the most of the day.  I held her as much as I could.  my iv and catheter came out tues morning and i was sent free to pee out the 30 pounds of water i gained. it was awesome to get up and walk! 

tues we had another steady but not to much flow of visitors, which is so nice!  i spend the day peeing and cuddling jo. haha

i had heard a rumour by the nurses wed morning that bec my recovery was so flipping awesome, we may be able to go home 48 hrs early....and we were delighted to be signed out wed afternoon. 48 hrs after my 3rd c-section.  i came back thurs to have the staples removed and fri for a check up. how awesome was it to be HOME! sleeping in my own bed! it rocks!

other silly details

milk- jo is a natural, she latched right off like ellie but i noticed she nurses longer and stronger.  my milk came in thurs night! and i have been nursing her!  she only lost 6% of her body weight!!!!!!!!  we have a scale at home and are monitoring her weight.  i am THRILLED that there seems to be no milk supply problem this time around.... so far.... how odd is that?  after all the crap i put myself through the last 2 times, this time its a breeze...we go to the dr 2 wks to have her check up but i know she will be just fine!

sleep- jo is still in her newborn sleep stage, and i am stoked to say that i am sleeping MORE now than i did when i was preggers!  ha.  i get on average 3 hrs, then another 1-2. i can totally deal with that.  chris is loving that i am nursing for 2 reasons

1-he can sleep while i nurse
2- my boobs are bigger. but he can't touch them....muwahhhhh

seriously thou, chris is supportive what ever i do

tubal- after much prayer and talking chris and i made the decision to have my tubes tied while i was already cut open on the table.  the original deal was i carry the babies, chris gets the snip.  well, chris lucked out and he owes me big. like really big. like a vacation big. haha

seriously thou, we took in my age, i will be 40 net yr, that with having 3 pregnancies ending with preeclampsia  we feel that its wise to stop

we are thrilled to have 3 kids! 

to say that we are happy with johana is an understatement. there are no words that i can use to describe how amazing it is to have our little unexpected and so much wanted little bonus baby, she completed us.

i love you little jo jo!

pt 1

 monday morning. last belly pic. ever!  38 wks!
 the big cut!
 there she is!  my little jo!
 hearing my voice she reached out to touch my mouth
 and grabbed my finger with her other hand
i am amazed by how connected i feel to her, so different from the other 2. loved just the same
more cuddles while mommy was being snipped. ha and sewed back together 0 comments

visitors! pt 2

 grandparents. again!
 ellie's peek at her little sister
 ohhhh baby
ellie loves her baby, she thinks the baby is hers. haha. she is so gentle with her, i think she watched nate and copied his behavior!
 so to be mommy herself! aunty jess
 uncle jon and the next baby you will be cuddling, is your OWN!  so exciting!
 cuddles with mommy
daddy and daughter 0 comments

pt 3

 nates first peek
he is very taken with her. he said "now i have 2 cute sisters!" so blessed
 totally happy boy!

resting. being born is such hard work you know! 0 comments