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school stuff

nate took this pic with my camera and i thought it was neat!
he was making himself a cup of coffee!

i ran out of writing work for nate. i am using handwriting with out tears and i love it.  i am almost at the end of the book and dont want to buy anthing else until next yr
so i came up with this awesome idea!
cut up pics of mag and glue them in a book
i have nate come up with a sentence of his own which is a huge step for him because he struggles in the creative area
i write it down so it's semi correct and make lines for him to follow and voila.  free work books that he enjoys!
we started on vocab this week.  again not wanting to spend money i came up with this!
take a fun kid dictionary and have nate pick 1 word from each page to draw a pic of and copy the definition
again, this is a huge stretch for nate because he's not comfortable with drawing
not to shabby i think
and it's free!
so today. oh today. i made the huge mistake of telling nate that i am taking him to crystal palace tomorrow morning with some of him home school friends. he is SO excited he can't focus on anything other than
1-crystal palace
2- food
3 video games
that after his 100th warning to sit in his chair and work properly
i simply told him to pack all his books up
made him clean the school room ha!
and we simply read for an hour until lunch
it was such a great thing to do!  we ended school on a great note!
we are both ready for march break!
angel baby girl in her new (frenchys) outfit that chris put her in
he's getting the hang of matching clothes! i am proud of him!

and now to tackle my to do list!

happt thursday before march break! 0 comments

teeth! coffee!

while dad was at the funeral on monday, nate left him a gift
an opened bottle of pepsi in papa's shoe
my little rolly polly chewing on a sward
cause that's just how we roll around here
sweet, drooling, teething joy!
my uncle clyde (love him!) with my kids
ellie warmed right on up to him
take that cry
a tooth!  ellie popped her first tooth on monday!
her second on is on it's way!
i left ellie with the boys and came back to this
ok! the coffee machine. i never buy toys for nate. but i broke down last night and got him this
his own coffee machine that looks freakishly like ours. it pours water out too
so nate made us all coffee this morning
then after i gave nate his breaky, a bowl of cereal and not toast like was requested 
nate looked down at his cereal and says
"at least i have coffee"
love him


roll it up!

driving home from my gym we stopped in mcdees for nate to play with some kids (free coffee this wk!  moms can sit and chat and the kids can play!)  nate took his food home (play was more important than eating at the time) on the way home i hear nate say "mom! look i rolled my rim and won a coffee!" oops!  too much tims for me maybe? haha

and yes, i buy my kid mcdonalds. judge me. ha! 3 comments

busy busy!

ellie sporting charlies dress yesterday
what a doll!
date night! date night!  wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
my parents are here for the wkend but are staying till tomorrow due to a death in the family (funeral is in nb)  i have been a bad, bad blogger and haven't taken a pic or blogged!  just been out of routine and busy!  oops

anyways. mom and dad offered to kid watch for us last night so we could go to a movie. after talking chris and i decided to skip the movie (couldn't agree on one and i was not wanting to leave my baby if i wasn't able to come home if needed....what ever....i love her!)  So we decided to go for dessert instead.  cheaper on the wallet

BUT u know chris, dessert turned into a meal.  check out the REDIC burger!!! then we had an amazing brownie for dessert. so good. it was so nice to just sit and chat. kid free.  we decided that we made the right choice

i am going to make a point to take a pic of my parents before they leave!  mercy!

happy monday everyone! 1 comments


having a midnight snack with nate. yes, we wake our child up at a redic hour to have a snack. last night it was 2 am. he loves it
we had burgers and fries. yum!
little miss smiley pants!
working like mad on her gums...why?  she popped her first tooth today!
bottom front left
sob sob
she has s tooth now!
nate and i made alien faces
can you guess which one i made and which one he made?
gnawing on her piece of bread.  we gave her some bread now that she has a tooth. ha!
nate and i spent an hour today making a robot machine.  i should have taken a after pic. it's actually quite creative!


storm day!

nate put a lock on the bathroom door. only he knows the secret code to get in
nate gave me a wicked back massage then declared that tomorrow will be "queen mom day" he said i can have anything i want
i am asking for a pony
look who got busted for standing on the couch

"me? i am innocent, innocent i say!"
laying on papa's briefcase
it's been a busy few days.  another snow storm hit today so i was able to stay home and get the laundry almost caught back up, do a proper home school day and spend sometime on a project i'm working on

ellie had her 6 month check up today, she's 7 months. had a lovely chat with my dr. he's awesome.  she is right on target, in the 50% for height, weight but scored a 100% on the adorable, cute, snugly perfect angel baby category. yep, she's a keeper!


monday stuff

nate got creative when he ran out of letters from his spelling program
we use the all about spelling program and love it
i started nate on speak, spell, read and write. LOVE this program!  i swear it gave nate the phonic base for him to read.  i noticed he was memorizing the books so i got the all about reading program.  it's good but the s,s,r and w is way better! 
i started nate on telling time.  i have to toot my horn here.  chris was trying to teach nate how to tell time. he took 1 full day a while back to teach him but nate wasn't able to get it
well today's math lesson was on telling time
guess what?  he picked it right up!  
love this math program!  
chris blowing the snow last night before bed
thank you chris. i love you
and that he did a good dead by blowing the neighbors drive way only to catch a rock on the blades which lead to a 3 HOUR session in the shop to fix it
the back deck this morning!

it's not snowing anymore but very windy!

and i must add.  today is ellie's 7 MONTH birthday! 7 months today, she was out of my belly and snuggled safe in my arms.  happy 7 month birthday eliana! we love you so much! 1 comments

need i say anything?

when i am afraid i will trust in you.  ps 56:3 5 comments

friday fun!

good morning.  isn't she a doll?
the girls
my aunt made ellie's bib and it is the best thing ever. huge shout out to aunt ida!
ohhhh who's that in the mirror?
mad science!  i sat in on the class
nate was so fast at putting his pieces of the puzzle together i wasn't able to get a shot!
the kids are studying forensic science and i have to admit. it's a lot of fun!
the morning was set up like a crime scene, the kids had to solve the crime and figure out who did it by looking at the clues and investigating.  they had a bunch of hands on activities one was the car scene.  there was a set of tracks left behind from the culprit, the kids were given trucks, paper and carbon paper to check each trusk and match the tire tracks to the crime scene.  it was a hoot but best of all, i got the chance to meet more moms and chat

i am so thankful for such an amazing home school community here in moncton!

for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also matt 6:21 1 comments


i was at the mall tues night with my sister, for some sister bonding and i saw this orchard for 12.00
iso i came home and told chris that he had to go to walmart and buy me, i mean ellie this orchard for her first v-day
he did
so we had an early v-day yesterday
ellie and i are sharing the flower and chris bought her a little heart pillow that she can chew
oh and coffee too
it takes so much to make my v day
i put the orchard beside my desk
i love it
and decided that i want to have fresh flowers in the play room
they really do chip me up every morning as we sit down to do school!
nates craft creation
i put it on the bulletin board
it is a machine that kills bad people
ellie after her bath
all cozy cute and comfy in her bath towel
she is getting so big!
playing together. they had so much fun
nate would put his arms out to get her and she would laugh and giggle
poor ellie she doesn't have a choice but to play with him. haha


hump dayness!

thank you muetti!  i got your gift and we love it!
after i opened it nate and i looked at the book. then nate ran off yelling "wait! mom, i have to show you something!" 
he comes back with this! his v reader has a chapter on metamorphosis and when i read the book to him it triggered his memory to his v reader!
little miss ellie got busted for standing on the couch
but i let her off with a warning. haha
i came up with a brilliant idea to start saving for ellie's college fund
i am charging for kisses
.25 for each kiss
my gym yesterday!  i tried to pay attention to nate but i was busy doing what i do best....talking...!
see the blur of burgandy? that is nate. running.  sigh
then he bowled
love how the older kids interact and support the younger kids
nate made some valentine decorations. he worked 2 days on making hearts and decorating them....
with toilet paper rolls, tape and pipe cleaners. haha
ellie and daddy before he hit the shop this am
total daddy's girl

now to enjoy the quiet of my house.  both kids are many things i could do..... 5 comments