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another week another weigh in

so it's been another week
i am up another 2 pounds
and then i had breakfast (dry cereal NO milk yum)

seriously. this freedom is amazing
i love my new body. love the curves. the way my thighs make music when i walk
i love it. i am healthy and lovely

getting old rocks. there is just so much more to care about then your weight and how you look

and i get to go shopping for lots and lots of new clothing. i got me a sweet shirt and t yesterday and frenchy's for 6 bucks wheeeeeeee!

who wants to go bin diving tonight?


i was tossing a load of laundry as i came out of the room i heard a familiar "whrrrrllllllling" noise, one that i hear often. when chris is home. but he's not home today. so i walked into the dining room and found this

nate using chris's drill

but what was he drilling?

my table center piece! he drilled holes in each candle

i asked him what was he doing?

he said "you said last day that the candles don;t float. they don't work. so i am fixing them with the drill. i am drilling holes so they will float and be a nice center piece. daddy is not home to do this. so i will fix it. i am the fixer man"

how can one argue that?

so i am out of a center piece

i took s's kids on fri so she could run a few errands, sans kids. we had a great time. the boys were building roads to church in the sand box, where they got really, really dirty!

adorable lennon

and nelson hung with me

then the boys went for a ride

while lennon napped

then they all took a ride

the tent!

2 yrs ago carla's tent was destroyed in a storm so we bought it for 50 bucks for the parts

but chris wanted to fix it

and he did

tent! which was great timing, about 15 mins after he finished we had some friends drop by, we spent the evening in the tent, relaxing and getting eaten by some bugs...and that is just not good enough for chris
so sat morning c spent the morning "relaxing"

and coming up with schemes to make the tent 100% bug free

while i actually relaxed

first chris bolted the bottom to the DECK

then bolted the corner's
but that was still not good enough

so he set ALL our tents up because he knew that 1 of them had a broken piece that he could use to tie down the top part so it's completely closed in

see. he`is "relaxing"!

nate built this and i found it after i put him down for a quick sleep

not sure what it is...

but his treasure box is full of treasures!

then we went to b&s's wedding

beautiful bride

nate was mesmerized by the whole wedding. he had SO many questions after

hanging with his buddy

which he BAWLED and i mean full on tears when we had to go

nate adores noah

then home to enjoy the bug proof gazebo

check the arms out...


i put nate to bed and felt bad that c and i were enjoying our little paradise so we went and got nate out of bed to come down and hang with us

i also want to intro nate in the love of reading, and it's a great way to get him to start...knowing he would be on his best behavior staying up

chris was too tired from "relaxing" to enjoy the gazebo, he went to bed....




saw above the other day and loved it. we've been busy the past few days. leaving the house around 10 and not getting home till after supper. fun stuff!

the ducks a few days ago. they were taking the bread from our hands!

my child is a nut. i was running late to my appoint wed morning and i was made even later bec i was laughing so hard and trying to get nate to think i meant it when i yelled"GET INTO THE CAR!"


he picked up sophie the giraffe and shoved it down his pants

and ran up and down the street. it was quite funny

my sis and i are trying to come up with costume for the boys, which would explain the 2 following pics.

cry-wig# 1. my fav

wig 2

which one do you want to go with?

then we were off again to meet chris for lunch, nate brought his "running machine"

in desperate need for some family time, we took off to the park last night for a bbq

showing nate how to start hte fire

thanks babe

chris being chris

cooking grub

cooked grub

my grub

performing surgery on my finger. i had a splinter removed

duck casing. it's a sport you know

c showing nate something exciting about a tree or something

me waiting

showing nate more exciting tree stuff

still waiting

the chair!

i finally got a sweet zero gravity chair (35 bucks! score!) i went to enjoy my evening with my coffee and flyer's outside but it was just simply too windy to do so. so i moved my self inside. chris thought it was funny and a pic was taken

then i said to chris" nate is going to see the chair in the am and tell me "mom, what is that chair doing INSIDE? it's an outside chair!"

guess what?

he did

he is SO eigenheer!


my weight a week later

laundry day was yesterday. which means slim pickings for clothing in my house
i went through a pile of shorts before i found a pair i could not just pull up but button up!

a pair
as in single
as in a huge pile of no good cloths

then it was time to find a top
repeat above
too tight
to short
way too tight

wait i found one!

we went out, the weather got cold
i came back home to put on something warmer
i repeated the above again until i found a wonderful, warm, cosy pair of sweat pants and a sweat top

i turned around and saw the 2 piles of clothing
well actually, i would call them mini mtns of which i will never climb again

what does a girl do?

why she goes to frenchies and purchases 2 more pair of shorts
in 2 sizes larger than her last pair

why 2?

so i will fit into them next yr

and then, just for fun, i stepped on the scale today (it's gathered some dust) and i was stunned to see the number. it's higher than before!?! seriously, is it possible to put on 3 more pounds in a week?

it is

cause i did it!

as i sit here sipping my java and being honest to be. how does it really effect me? this weight gain?

to be honest. i have not felt this comfortable in my skin in a long time. maybe it's age. maybe it's simply not caring what anyone thinks. maybe it's that peace j promises us?

all i can say is spending time with n in the am with snuggles, giggles and sillies is the best way to start the day

how i look and how much i weight does not control me anymore

when the one dude that i care about stops grabbing my belly, thighs and boobs...which for the record he loves my body before but he really likes it now. ha! then i may do something about it

but i doubt it

not caring is freeing!

and with the mtn of no more clothing in my room makes the perfect reason to buy NEW cloths! any one wanna frenchy dive with me???

*i am having issues with blogger and i am unable to comment on anyone else's blogs. which is hurting me cause i want to comment so bad! this is the reason why i haven't! but i am still following everyone! c! can you solve this mystery for me?


prov 20:11

in the pursuit of trying to raise a godly son some days are rough (sob sob) but i found this nugget a day ago and i think it's helped some what with nate constant willingness to stop and obey and do what i ask right away with out 1000 questions then right on hard case defiance

Even children are known by the way they act,
whether their conduct is pure, and whether it is right prov 20:11

even children are know by their fruits!



this hair screams YOU

i don't have to say a word

this was me yesterday


so, so so sizzlin sat

so we spent the say at the steeve's camp. the water was hotter than a bathtub, which would have been sweet. if i brought my bathing suit and well....public swim. next time i will!
they boys enjoyed the water...a little water ball, swimming, and jumping in was had

aride on the kubota. super fun

please note the baby carrier in the back. yep, lennon's in there. that's how we rock him to sleep at the camp.


after some amazing grub, i had a ride in the back of the kubota. weston was my riding partner. he kept me safe and sound from all the crocodiles, alligators, bears and what not

we went to visit the neighbours bearing our scraps of dinner for their animals. pigs, goats and chickens

p.pat lead the way to the chicken coop with the bucket of grub

mmmmmm chicken feed

the boys stole the k and took it for a spin

w steered and n shifted

and we found n's missing shoe. see c's foot, it's there. i have NO idea how he found it. crazy eagle eye

then back to the pool to swim

and float

while i chilled with my buddy nelson

popsicles in the pool. pre mini melt down

then we roasted marshmallows and headed home after a long, fun filled, redic hot but oh so lovely fellowship and grub!