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snow prt 1!

 so last sat was the annual moncton Santa parade/craft show. which basically welcomes christmas to moncton.  i invited a friend her her crew to join us on sat at the parade...which we would view from  chris's office....but we underestimated the crowds and we BOTH didnt make it! oops....mental note: next yr plan ahead!  hahha  so after we missed the parade chris and i took our family to....kent! to see the holiday decorations! the we went to irish town to see the lights

so FUN!

i think having the girls, chris and i realized how BLESSED we are to have these girls, so close together.  they are lapping up the holiday and totally cause me to "get into the holiday spirit"

above pic. my crew seeing the lights

*i made a lit of somethings i want to do with the kids this yr and chis had NO choice but to come alone!  
 joey was so thrilled with the displays
 all my 3 kids
what a blessing they are
 peeking into the train...while it played music
 So fun!
 my joey!
 my ellie!
 sunday i took the older 2 to church.  chris and oey were still sick
i am SO glad we are at our new church
ellie looked SO cute in her outfit
nate refused to have a pic taken
 me and my 2!!! girls
so thankful
 and after church, i spent 2 HOURS finishing Ellie;'s preschool program
sure it was a lot of work to put together, but it cost 25.00
and she LOVES it 
AND i can reuse it with joey. so it was worth it
 i finished it!
i truly love this program
its faith based BUT not religious
meaning it gives me the program to teach ellie and joey (nate too, bec he's there in the room but is pretending to not listen) to the lesson
i LOVE it
but most IMPT!
eliana rhe LOVES it!
 each lesson has a song, a verse, a mini book, verse, and written materials  to use
i LOVE it 0 comments

snow pt 2!

 nate spends a lot of time on "blender" . com. coding program for kids.  he enjoys making/creating software
 yesterday i busted the girls having a "picnic" in my kitchen
 today we had our first SNOW! (ok, not snow for us day) DAY!  nate and i did school, ellie too, then around 1  our friends joined us in the snow
 joey however stayed in the house with me
because i discovered that ELLIE! did NOT have SNOW pants! so i sent ellie out in joey's snow pants,  good 4 " too short for her! to play with her friends and kept joey inside with me
 and i wonder WHY my windows are so covered in finger prints. ha
totally worth it
 joey and seeing the snow
 im gonna get ellie some snow gear tomorrow!

this weekend we spent time getting the house ready for ho ho ho!

the tree

okay, in 13 YRs, i let the kids decorate the tree.  the threw ALL caution to the wind and let the kids decorate the tree
 and nate decorated the fire place
 out 14th ugly tree decorration
2 golden birds in a tree?
 LOVE her
 i even decorated the stairs
joey says "pretty"
i agree
 joey helped me
 tis the season, to let the KIDS decoarate and me OKAY with it
 so thankful for my kids
 the snow that fell over night


pics before the trip

 i took these pics the week before i left, but in the busy of life i didnt get to blog them.  joey has taken her key from ellie and LOVES making pitures....just got to make sure they stay on the PAPER and not the walls!

i was sitting with joey on the couch reading books and looked down to see this
minnie feet
i love her and her little feet
 joey likes to pic a toy and bring it to the room im in and play while i do what im doing.  i noticed a few days before i left that she was really clingy to me.  like sat on my lap for most of the party place class. most highly not normal.  i also think its funny that she only pooped twice while i was gone....she pooed 3 times the day after i came back. silly joey!
 i peeked over and saw this.  joey with her boots on, sitting on the couch and peeking on nates tablet
 the sat before i left we hit up the lobster for some family time
 i love this place, its so beautiful to sit and watch the water
 but it was cold. really cold that day
 nate wasnt cold. he was too busy finding weapons and use to attack his enemy
 the girls played
 ellie has real;y taken to making her letters. and spelling.  i worked with her this week because she BEGS to do school.  she can now make all the letters and most lower case. she can also spell on her own with out help the following: ellie, joey, nate, dad, mom, papa and nana! 
 she takes after chris in this area and i think she will be our scholar....i compared her penmanship yesterday to nates and shes almost BETTER than him!  shes 4!
 joey is a turkey who just like to scribble and make lots of colors
 i watched the kids from my perch....the girls are old enough that i can sit on the deck and watch them play instead of being there with them...

little steps to freedom! 
ellie is now fully potty trained day and night.  AND she now dresses herself!  i only have 1 to take care of in that area...and joey now walks to the car and climbs in on her own....i use these little perks to self talk myself into thinking this season WILL end!  the kids are getting more independent! 
 mom and dad came up the monday before i left for dads annual cancer check.  he passed!  cancer free!  but i made the mistake of telling ellie they were coming....she got her chair and sat at the door waiting around 11 AM. they didnt arrive until after 4.  it was a LONG day for her
 joey came and helped me pack my bags the night before i left.  i love this little bug. so grateful we had her. she was such a bonus, unexpected gift.  she is such a monkey, the easiest of the bunch. she loves her babies and books.  loves to snuggle and kiss owies and LOVES to get into EVERYTHING! 
 when i came back early mon morning the kids were all sick. then monday afternoon chris and i got sick!  we spent the WEEK in bed. it was REDIC. i dont think ive ever seen chris sick like this. or myself.  i did drag myself out of the house to take the kids to their classes and i did school with nate yesterday ONLY because he NEEDED something to do.  today when i woke up i actually felt better! 

i took the older 2 to party place on wed, ellie RAN the whole time!  her face was beat red
 nate was acting like a rapper
 ellie too
 we did spend more time working on her letters. i am BLOWN away by how fast she catches on.  i thought nate was a quick learner. nope.  ellie has already put grown her preschool program but we will keep doing it anyways because she likes the one on one
 yesterday nate had his science class.  i took ellie to play, she is so funny to watch. she was fixing the basket
 then turned into a dr!
since coming home ive realized again that home schooling can be quite isolating.  this is a bummer. after spending a week + surrounded by adults and great conversation, its hard to adjust to talking with the kids all. day. long!  it also doesnt help that my friend is away and i havent had her to talk to. ha but im even more grateful for my sister who calls me during her ride home to talk. haha

i think going away was a real eye opener to chris too.  even thou he's been sick this week, ive noticed that hes more "available" to help me out.  i dont think he fully understaood where i was coming from until he spent a few days in my are life sucking leeches. hahaha

so, with that.  i must start my saturday. which really doesnt look different from my tuesday. ha except maybe today ill haul out some christmas decorations. the kids are begging for me to decorate...

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