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last part!

 cry with my camera! ha
 fri night we joined our brazillian friends for dinner. i had the ceaser salad
 and tried beef wellington!!!!
it was AWESOME
but the boat was really rocky and i felt sick again...bummer
we joined up with some more people and hit up the white hot party, but left early around 1 because this dude was hitting on our friend and well, i was tired!

saturday was a sea day. we slept in. went up to the cabana, we talked to people and enjoyed the last day.  i decided to hide in our room sat night so everyone would leave us alone and i could get some sleep for my LONG day home on sunday

plan worked, i slept and woke up feeling ready to go home
the area we stayed in was called vibe, we spent most of our time during the days in here...locked away from the loud crowds.  you need a key to get in
 this was the other side of the bar
 cry using the key for the last time
 doors open to the hot tubs
 2 of our bar tenders. i call them india and Siberia.  siberia is on the right and was my chatter buddy. he loved how nice we were to him, and that we were NOT american and could in deed have a decent conversation about non materialistic things...
 typical Siberia (his real name is dusan) but i made up nick names, well, for EVERYONE!  haha i dont think i used a real name once
 he let cry make her last drink
 i didnt have anything to drink sat. i can proudly say i didnt get drunk or even close to it the whole time!
 every night they come around and take your pic and you pay 25 american for ONE. we didnt haha but cry snapped a few pics of us
 these were prob the best pics taken the whole trip
 see how relaxed i am!
sun we left the ship and our crazy trip behind!

my greatest memories are of the people we met and learning about each country and how different they are from canada. we take bug screens and medicine for granted.  it was eye opening for me to leave my little world and step into a place that is nothing like the life i live

it was great to visit

but there is no place like home

as much as this season of my life is challenging, i would not change my kids and hubby.  the world really doesnt have that much to offer

i was surprised at the air port by chris and the kids and there is NOTHING, NOTHING more amazing than having your body knocked to the ground by your kids running to you yelling "MOMMY!!!!"  and seeing your hubby smiling through it all

i think the 10 days away will give me more to think about and reflect on than i imagined. i leave this trip, having the BEST time with my sister and we didnt even come close to having any fights!!!  with a new found self imagine and self worth a bit higher than before

life is still NOT peaches and cream, but it was nice to step out into something new and to find a little of the old me....shes still there....just covered in diapers, pens, books and love!

*back to the couch i go....the whole family is SICK!