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 i left with the kids sun afternoon to go to the annual "light the night" at rock.  to be honest, im not 100% sure where i stand or how i feel about halloween. so i just go by what i know...and i know that having the kids in a church (this is my personal!!!!!! feeling) on halloween is a good thing....rock church, like normal out does itself. and light the night is a high light to my kids.  i even let them dress up this yr....

ellie fell asleep 20 mins in and napped almost the whole way there.  see the "pack, pack" as ellie calls it on her lap?  well, nate and ellie were up at 6 AM!!!!  ready to go. she packed her pack pack herself and i giggled when i opened it.  she put her blanket, her hunny and bunny, her elmo book and a BAG OF CHIPS!  so cute

busted her waking only just roll her head over and fall back to sleep
 she showed me her "scary"  ohhhh so scary ellie. haha
 nate was treated monday afternoon to a hunting expedition with uncle shawn!!!  i reminded nate that ONLY because we home educate we were able to
1- go to halifax during the week!
2- do "school" at nana/papa/auties house
3-go HUNTING while all the other kids were in school :)
 they didnt get a deer
i got a pic of shawn SMILING!!!! which is rare. more rare than hinting a deer (and i have ZERO issues with hunting. so i hope i don't offended!)
 joey and aunty!
 ellie wanted to dress up as clifford! the costume cost me NOTHING!!!  i had everything on hand
 the other 3 kids dressed up as....
quinn- donald trump!
nate and charlie- trump security!  (costume cost??? ZERO!) but we didnt let them take the guns to church. hahah
 joey snuck into the picture line up. haha.  she is dressed as JOEY! the adorable toddler who stayed home with nana and papa (and quite enjoyed it from what joey tells me)
 ha. the girls posing....ellie copying charlie. she loves charlie. the boys were not impressed
 joey ran into the last pic. in joey fashion.  such a little card!
 i didnt take pics at the party. i was too busy having fun with nate and ellie to pull out my camera. i did get this pic of ellie. my little clifford
 the night ended with AMAZING fire works. like better than july first
ellie so enjoyed it
it was worth the 2 hr drive
the kids came home with 2 HUGE bags of candy!
after i cleaned ellies face up and put her to bed. i went to check on her and found this....
 fast asleep, holdng her sword balloon and a brown nose!
 she freaking found the brown make up and RE DID HER CLIFFORD NOSE!!!!

when we woke up i asked her why she did that. she said "because i wanted to be Clifford again!"
 the long drive home...joey wrapped herself in her blanket and took a nap, because going to bed at 7:10 and being forced awake at 9:15 is just too much! esp with out her mid day nap!  hahaha she totally takes after me!
 nate as my front passenger buddy
i LOVE that he sits in the front with me. he is such a great kid i LOVE his conversations. his questions.  i love that he is my son.  i love this kid  so much and can not wait to see what he chooses to do with his life

we had a GREAT time away.  i enjoyed spending time with my parents, cry, shawn and their crew, i even saw jon via a face time :) and loved to not cook for 2 days. thank you dad (and mom!) for the meals, food, coffee, chatter and most of all love

because with out love you have nothing

happy wonderful, candy love halloween!