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part 4!

 us chilling outside before we hit the piano bar back up
 tuesday! the FUNNEST day EVER! 
so we woke up in roatan and it was POURING rain!  we had planned on going zip lining, eco walk and beach....after talking back and forth we decided to go zip lining anyways
so we did
 we got geared up
 i was terrified, esp after they told us that the rain makes is MUCH faster!
 cry ready to go
 i really was scared. like i wanted to puke scared
 but i DID it!!!!!!!!!!!!! and had SOOOOOO much fun!!!! i cant describe how amazing the whole experience was
 cry went upside down
 then back to normal
 us 1/2 way through the course. it was pouring rain. we were SOAKED but it was ok bec the weather was warm, so we weren't cold
 just very, very wet
 it took 5 days for my shoes to dry out, 2 days for my bra! i dont think ive ever been this wet from rain
 but it was so very fun and i cant wait to do it again!
 after we finished we went back to the boat to shower and change
 then we went for lunch and relaxed
 i finally felt well enough for WINE!
and it was so good! ha