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ellie's art!

 last fri (i think)  ellie went off playing, i went looking for her and she showed me her store!  she took some art work that she has made and got her apron on and was selling her art work. it was so cute. i love listening to pretend play
 i came and asked her is i could buy one and she said "of course" after i chose my picture, she reached intro her apron pocket and pulled out a clip and gave me the picture so i can clip it
 get it!  wen the kids made pictures i clip them to stings, in the kitchen and playroom and i guess thats what everyone does when they buy art work!
 see her clips
 nate bought some too
then took her up to the playroom to mass produce a boat load of pictures, created a business plan and finances for her art store...then made a cart to take her around the neighborhood to sell her stuff . haha
 joey just ate and watched the whole thing
 the park. it was such a nice morning i took the kids to the park. i sat on the bench and stopped to look at the trees and the leaves and just enjoyed
 the girls talking
 then i spent the night laminating more of ellies preschool and discovered that i laminated a piece of my hair. hahaha
last week was a crazy week.  our hot water tank broke and we spent the week with no hot water tank. NOT fun.  then i found out i need the root canal done, on top of just dealing with kids and home school and life. i was happy when saturday was a LONG week