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part 5!

 it was POURING out, so we had to try and find things to do inside the ship. normally, i would pick a book and just go read

not this trip!  cry and i turned into social crazy canadians. with lots of people in side the ship cry and i talked and met SO many people....most of them we hung out with every day after!  we also stayed out EVERY night until the clubs closed with our new group of friends. it was SO fun. to find my old self.  i now refer to this cruise as the "high school cruise" because we acted like we did in high outside the zip line, meeting all these people from so many countries was the high light of my trip!  and i found it funny to walk around the ship and hear people yell "hey canada!" at me
 we found another bar, and cry found some more drinks!  i stuck to my wine, my 1 glass every 2 hour rule stayed in place
 watching the rain
 he he
wine at 3 pm because i can!
 cry planning all our evening shows
that we didnt make it to
not ONE show did we attend
we were too busy talking to people and staying out till 3 AM!