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part 6!

 wed was belize!  it was HOT!!!

we decided to go to the Mayan ruins, our pre arranged tour guide left before we got there....our tender was late getting us to shore. so we found this amazing local cab driver to take us there for 5.00 extra...we worth the money and next time id totally just skip the tour group and hire a local to take us. he talked the whole hour there and back to us. i now know everything about belize. test me. i can answer the question! and i wasnt even tired from hanging out till 2 in the morning. ha
 so fun
 these ruins were HUGE. the steps were really steep and we climbed almost all of them
 our guide left us in the parking lot to chat with his friends while cry and i discovered the ruins, then after on the way home the driver told us all about them.  the best way to explore the ruins
 me starting the climb up
 view from the top
 a few more ruins
 cry was there too
 it was beautiful
 more ruins
 the steep climb down
 where the human sacrifices took place
 us at the top
 cry in front of more alters
 me in pain from all those stairs!
 pictures cant capture how majestic they are
 a path way to the back of another ruin
 the token flower picture for chris. haha
 our driver! who also stopped a few times during our drive to chat with friends. haha