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snow pt 2!

 nate spends a lot of time on "blender" . com. coding program for kids.  he enjoys making/creating software
 yesterday i busted the girls having a "picnic" in my kitchen
 today we had our first SNOW! (ok, not snow for us day) DAY!  nate and i did school, ellie too, then around 1  our friends joined us in the snow
 joey however stayed in the house with me
because i discovered that ELLIE! did NOT have SNOW pants! so i sent ellie out in joey's snow pants,  good 4 " too short for her! to play with her friends and kept joey inside with me
 and i wonder WHY my windows are so covered in finger prints. ha
totally worth it
 joey and seeing the snow
 im gonna get ellie some snow gear tomorrow!

this weekend we spent time getting the house ready for ho ho ho!

the tree

okay, in 13 YRs, i let the kids decorate the tree.  the threw ALL caution to the wind and let the kids decorate the tree
 and nate decorated the fire place
 out 14th ugly tree decorration
2 golden birds in a tree?
 LOVE her
 i even decorated the stairs
joey says "pretty"
i agree
 joey helped me
 tis the season, to let the KIDS decoarate and me OKAY with it
 so thankful for my kids
 the snow that fell over night