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part 8!

 i tried another new dish....mushroom consume and thai pad!
it was okay
 our last port day was mexico. we went back to the beach i went to 5 yrs ago with chris and nate. the girls werent born yet! but i was very early preggers with ellie. ha. so long ago

as soon as she could, cry busted out her phone and got on line

 i choose to find a hammock and take a nap
 right in this little hut, where i met the most adorable little boy and chatted with a few americans
 then we took some token pics
and grabbed a cab back to the dock to do some shopping
 see what i saw in the cab?
 5 habits of highly effective people in spanish!  haha
 our ship beside another cruise ship
our ship was HUGE
 me in front of the ship
 cry's turn!
 then we went back to the ship and enjoyed the cabana