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snow prt 1!

 so last sat was the annual moncton Santa parade/craft show. which basically welcomes christmas to moncton.  i invited a friend her her crew to join us on sat at the parade...which we would view from  chris's office....but we underestimated the crowds and we BOTH didnt make it! oops....mental note: next yr plan ahead!  hahha  so after we missed the parade chris and i took our family to....kent! to see the holiday decorations! the we went to irish town to see the lights

so FUN!

i think having the girls, chris and i realized how BLESSED we are to have these girls, so close together.  they are lapping up the holiday and totally cause me to "get into the holiday spirit"

above pic. my crew seeing the lights

*i made a lit of somethings i want to do with the kids this yr and chis had NO choice but to come alone!  
 joey was so thrilled with the displays
 all my 3 kids
what a blessing they are
 peeking into the train...while it played music
 So fun!
 my joey!
 my ellie!
 sunday i took the older 2 to church.  chris and oey were still sick
i am SO glad we are at our new church
ellie looked SO cute in her outfit
nate refused to have a pic taken
 me and my 2!!! girls
so thankful
 and after church, i spent 2 HOURS finishing Ellie;'s preschool program
sure it was a lot of work to put together, but it cost 25.00
and she LOVES it 
AND i can reuse it with joey. so it was worth it
 i finished it!
i truly love this program
its faith based BUT not religious
meaning it gives me the program to teach ellie and joey (nate too, bec he's there in the room but is pretending to not listen) to the lesson
i LOVE it
but most IMPT!
eliana rhe LOVES it!
 each lesson has a song, a verse, a mini book, verse, and written materials  to use
i LOVE it