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 i had the kids work on some art projects, so i could click the art box for school as completed. hahaha
we made snow flakes and they truly did a great job.  we spent an hour working on them!
joey even made her own and i can say she did all of it herself!
 ellie got quite into it as well
 and nate impressed me with his skills
 joey really got into it!
 like paint in her hair into it!
 after the paint dried, we glued sparkly things on them
 joey made hers all by herself
ellie and nate too
 and of course i forgot to take a pic of the final product. but i hung them in the window
 sat afternoon i invited micah and judah over to build a gingerbread house and decorate it. they worked together for 45 mins on it
 then after all the sugary goodness, they smashed it and ate it!
 the front of the house
 the roof
 and back
then i bagged it up so m and j could take their share
the kids had a great time!

now i can check 2 more things off my "to do before" christmas list. haha

happy snowy saturday!