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the long, lost week

 my little ellie joy monday morning, drinking her juice...which she would later throw up...

the flu bug hit our home last friday. i have NEVER been that sick before.  we did find how we caught it.  one of the kids from wed's gym class came sick and spread the virus to ALL the ppl who were there.  i mean EVERYONE got sick.  i thought i was in the clear last sat night, i was the only one in the family not throwing up, then i woke up at 1:30 am and bam!  i hit the toilet and could nto stop throwing up, this went on until wed.  man alive!  it was awful!

last sat i took the older 2 kids to the church for the kids christmas concert.  i am blown away by how amazingly talented our church is.  the performance was really good.  ellie asked if she can be in the play next yr, i told her she could. nate still refuses. haha
 nate. before the show, we got there early, hence all the empty chairs
by the time the show was over nate was begging to go throw up the minute he got in the door
 nate spent the rest of the day like this
 joey was sick too
 and more this
chris stayed hoe from work mon and tues, i do like having him around. its nice to not be alone with the kids
 joey is a crazy writing machine look at her hand placement on the pencil! 
 ellie joy. what a delight she is.  through the whole week ellie was happy and laughing, even as she threw up....every night...on her sheets...ha i did LOTS of extra laundry this week
 more pencil holding by joey
 all around the house i find ellie's letters. hahaha see her E and her name?  what a turkey
 talking to nana and papa
 wed i took the kids to the gym class with the other home schoolers. this was when we confirmed our suspicion about the sickness and i was able to meet 2 new moms.  the kids played SO well together its so nice to see that. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  soon i can sit and chat with out the littles asking me to do something for them. haha
 i got my parents magazine and look what i see!
# 1 for best family cruises, the norwegian getaway, the ship i just came back from!
 last night, after cancelling 4!!! times chris and i FINALLY had our date.  well, ok, the babysitter stood us up and left us with out a sitter for the kids an HOUR before we were going to go out!  chris surprised me by asking a friend to come over very last minute to watch the kids (who were all in bed at 7) and chris and i went out to dinner. we went to an asian place and we ordered the special. oh my it was SOOOO good

we started with curry soup, i didnt really like it, but i tried it
 then we had scallop salad, it was quite good
 and we moved on to the BEST thai pad ive EVER had. i went back for seconds. it was so GOOD!!!
 then we had this amazing pork chop/rice/veggie combo. do you see how thick the meat is??? it was good! but i liked the thai pad better
 and dessert was crepes and ice cream. SO good
it was a nice date, its nice to get out with chris with out kids.  i realized that in 2 yrs nate can stay home and babysit!

im now on the prowl for a new, reliable babysitter!