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books a boo!

 monday night i had to run to the bank for an appointment...which took an HOUR!  then i ran a few KID free errands= GLORIOUS and on my way home, to put the kids to bed, i actually LOVE putting those kids to bed and want to be home to do it...i thought i should run into sally ann quick. so i did and wouldnt you know it, they had a 1/2 price sale on BOOKS!   i scored the above adsborn (sp?) books for .50 each!  they were ticketed 19.99, 24.99 and 29.99 each and i totally remembered the price tags from the local seller. then i realized SHE GAVE these books away to the sally ann. i SNAPPED them up. i could not believe my luck...or was it? bec out of the blue, i felt i should run quick to sally ann...and i scored the books from my wish list (books, i want to have, but cant afford) for 2.00 in TOTAL!

then i found 2 books from canadian girl, the second book from sarah, plain and tall (i plan on teaching them to the girls and im slowly collecting them second hand) and the whipping boy for nate...which is on my wish list for his grade 5!!!! for 2.00!
 AND i scored a thesaurus for .50!!! ive been looking for one forever!!!  and i finally got one for less than a BUCK and i picked up a few readers for ellie all this for 7.00. i came home and showed chris my lot. i was so happy because i actually, really wanted most of these books and i found them all for
im so happy that i was "lead" to sally ann
god knows the desires of my heart
im thrilled to find books, at such a great price. because home education can be pricey and living/home educating on one income is hard.  im so grateful and happy to find such bargains....and i cant wait until my girls are old enough for me/us to read these classics together....but until then, ill enjoy tom sawyer and huck fin, the abyss and treasure island with nate...i so love that nate is such a boy and loves "boy" books....but im totally open and wanting my girls to read them too...but there is something special and about reading anne of green gables, then take them to the island and show them cavendish, and watch the movie together....lalalalala

happy wednesday everyone