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swiss chalet!

 the only thing i ask to do each yr at christmas is to go to swiss chalet for the festive special.  i love swiss chalet, chris? not so much. he loathes the place. BUT i got my way last night and not only did i NOT have to cook supper, we went to swiss chalet!  we had a great time.  nate was happy to be there. haha
chris was not so thrilled
 joey and i were there too
 i love how im looking at the other two kids, while joey is in my lap
 ellie then picked up a crayon and in nate's style, circled what she wanted to order and was so happy to get "her juice with the cherry" haha
 we then tied miss joey (she is SOOOOO busy) in a high chair and chris entertained her by drawing pictures of FOOD on her napkin. joey then picked up her fork and knife and ate the food!
chris is brilliant! this kept her busy the whole time until out food was ready
 nate and i
i LOVE this kid
i LOVE seeing the changes in him
and i LOVE watching him grow into such a fine, young man
 chris, my amazing hubby, drawing more food for joey to eat
 and she did
 after supper and fixing a HUGE mix up with our kids meal card and bill (shawn, remember from halifax?)  what an ordeal.  to make things right, the manager GAVE us ellie and nate's meals for FREE last night AND gave us 1 more gift card with 5! FREE kid meals on it

know what that means????

i get to go back to my fav canadian restaurant (my all time fav chain restaurant is olive garden, with chipotle  a close runner up) before dec 31 and eat AGAIN! hahahah

at the end of the meal, joey saw chris's "owie" and kissed it better
 know what?
chris's owie felt so much better
and thats a quick peek into the last few days

im glad i blog, other wise i'd forget 1/2 this stuff!