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boxing day!

 a group shot of the kids after the family left
joey was a bit tired by then. haha
 we had the cousins open their gifts together
 which was a blur of excitement
 and nate was beyond thrilled to get more lego
 2 more kits! 
 yep, he loves his lego
 this sums that 10 mins up. blur
 quinn opened his gift from us.  gift cards to the movies, and bulk barn for candy. haha and a bag full of more candy.  hahahaha
 then nate told quinn his secret
nate is staying in hali until sat!
 not sure how quinn felt about that. hahaha

nate has been having SO much fun in hali, they went bowling, swimming, to the movies, out to eat at crappy places...haha...more video games, tv and much more candy!

chris and i will drive up tomorrow to stay new yrs and pick nate back up.  we have to be back for monday cause the kids have a home school class starting jan 2. this yr in stead of buying them stuff, i spent the money on classes for the kids. we are doing the trampoline park, the gym/play center and mad science.  nate was happy with this and im happy that we didnt get a lot of stuff!
 ive been cleaning and putting christmas away all week. i cant believe how fast the days have gone by!  joey helped too!
and with that! this is my last post for 2016!  cant wait to see what 2017 brings!