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party time!

 yesterday was coppers 2nd birthday so we drove up to springhill for the party.  but before we left, i took the older 2 kids to church while stayed home with joey because the poor thing woke up covered and i mean covered in puke!  after her nap, she seemed fine so we took her to the party
nate was reading the girls stories before we left

once joey warmed up to the people she didnt know, she went nuts with the toys.  trucks, hammers and dinky cars! she was in heaven
 my little joey. growing up too fast
 ellie played with the tractors
 the big boys played with the little boys. too cute to watch
 ellie boo
 cake time!  copper was introduced to sugar.  he liked it
 wanting more sugar
 cake! yes! 
 joey playing with more toys
 ellie and her gift from aunty jess and uncle jon and copper.  a hair bow holder. joey got one too
 then uncle jon put a tat on her
 coppers gift time!
 the big boys were into the gift opening action too
 for a quick second i thought this was ellie. but its joey.  growing too fast
the party was a sucess. cake and pizza, mountains of sugar, presents and lots of fun was had.  great party copper! and it was nice to visit with family, shawn was even there too!  but he didnt bring me any apple beer, so he's getting coal in his christmas sock this yr! haha