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cookie party!

my friend was setting up for her in laws 50th anni party on friday so i offered (ok forced) her to drop her kids off at my place and kept them until the evening.  i planned to bake cookies with the kids, but the kids had so much fun rolling the cookies....they spend an HOUR rolling 3 dozen cookies that we didnt have time to icing them until after supper!  there was flour everywhere. but they had a great time and worked together

i had micah choose the icing colors and mix

then i showed them how to use these nifty sticks to roll the dough even (see chris i DO use them)
and off they went, rolling and cutting and rolling
micah and ellie (joey was napping, or rather trying to nap)
the boys too. judah and nate
they mixed up a few times
judah and ellie
then we had a quick lunch and i took them to mad science.  i sat in the semi silence and enjoyed having 2 kids to watch instead of 5. haha

i picked up a book off the shelf. there is a website called that ive been going to almost every sunday for 10 yrs. they post post cards that people send in with their secrets on them.  anyways, i found the book so i sat down to take a peek and look what i found!
some one local put their own secret in the book for ppl to find
so neat!
i thought about leaving one but i cant think of anything worth writing about.  i thought it was super cool to find one, bec for 10 yrs ive heard of ppl doing this...and voila!  i saw it!
the girls played dr.  joey was the patient
ellie made sure she was ok
checked her feet, her arms and then put the needle on her head. i laughed and giggled
she was ok!
after some play time, the older kids joined us. i let them play a bit longer then we went home to supper...i had chris pick up pizza! 
then we decorated the cookies
all ready to do this thing
chris came home to help watch joey while i decorated the cookies...he was out running errands after supper....but i was like dude, i need you to take joey. imagine icing and joey together??? haha
ellie decorated
judah too
its serious work when the tongue comes out
then joey came to watch
and tried to climb on the table
voila!  1 of 2 trays of cookies
i put joey to bed and snapped a quick pi of the after math....but when i came down from putting joey to bed chris had cleaned it all up for me!  his good deeds was recognized later. haha  then we watched a movie and the kids went home.  i was super pleased with how the day went.  they played outside, and there was not one fight.  i was super impressed that they only had 30 mins on screens all day!
i put the movie on at 8, they watched about 30 mins so tec they got an hr of screens...not too bad!