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the girls

 the other morning i was washing dishes and i could hear joey playing, i looked up and saw this. she drug the high chair out, put her baby in it and was feeding it water from her "waddle baddle"
 she is such a little mommy
she loves babies and puppies
and adores taking care of them
 i was called up to the playroom by the kids the other morning...i saw this
peek a boo!
 then it was time to watch a play by "pirate ellie"
 who danced and sang for me, while joey copied her
 then nate joined in as super man and the kids finished the play with acrobats and more laughter
 im so glad i home school and instead of school, the kids do this
 so, ellie has taken a real zest for school. when im done with nate's one on one studies, i spend an hr with ellie. the other morning, she TURNED OFF HER SHOW and told me it was her school time. i came into the playroom and saw this!  ellie went and set up her SCHOOL!
 she loves learning and tells me every day that she wants to read
 she can read basic sight words like for
 we are studying the letter F this week. but ellie went and got me this book that she fell asleep reading the other night, this book was filled with the "Mm" and she wanted to learn the Mm, she went and got me the reader and we scratched the F lesson and instead i taught her the letter M
 showing me all the M's she saw the night before
 then moved on to the b
she is so different than nate
not better, just so different
she reminds me of chris and his love to learn more
i wonder how long i can teach her until she starts to teach me?
actually, she's been teaching me new things since she was born

 ellie wrote a letter to nana a few wks back and was THRILLED to get mail from nana yesterday
 i snapped a few pics for nana and papa
 and seeing
 a mcdonalds gift card. when nate saw it he asked ellie "can you get something for me with your money?"
ellie said "yes nathaniel"  and she would
 so happy to get mail. she asked to sleep with her card last night, i told her no and this morning she asked to see her "mail" again. haha