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our nut bags!

 our bags of nuts showed up on sunday. the kids were SO excited.  we LOVE this swiss tradition.  i think it "starts" the holiday season for us.  with nana and papa out of the country and suffering in new mexico. ha  aunty ursi put together our samichlaus bags.  THANK YOU ursi for your time, effort and love as you packed the bags for us.  it meant so much to the kids!
 joey was totally into this while candy/nuts in a bag
 nate too. can you believe this is his 8th bag! (you have to be 1 to get a bag, hence the 8th one)
 then joey saw those sparkly, bright, colored coins and played with them
 sunday after our supper of hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, oranges, apples, cookies and dried fruit (thank goodness i didnt make supper that night!) we hit up the moncton zoo for "wild lights"  i had asked chris a few weeks ago to come with us.  the zoo put on a show of lights with the animals that are still at the zoo and not in hibernation/in a heated room.  i thought the whole night was AWESOME. totally cold and canadian, a little bit over priced for only being open at 5...and really cold. haha but over all it was a great experience to do as a family

ellie put her hands in her pockets the whole night. i loved listening to her walk around (the sound of the snow pants) and seeing her with her hands in her pockets. so grown up
 checking the bears out
and some stranger took our family pic!
 the lights were amazing. the zoo was full of lights of the animals
 mama bear and baby bear
and me
get it? hahaha
and also, to my fam jam who knows me SO with a BEAR!
i was terrified and i mean terrified of bears as a kid. and camping in BANFF was NOT FUN! hahaha
 ellie with her hands in her pockets
 they also had these cool projectors with animals and snow flakes.  joey was so taken with them, running around and enjoying the cold .ha
 and more running
 and more running
 and another lap
 huge moose. ok, it was really cool to see in real life. not so great as a pic
 more animals
 the tiger!  ok, so normally the tiger is way in the back of the park but with the cold, the animals were right up against the glass enclosures and we were separated by the glass. it was unbelievable to see the tiger and cougars that close. esp the tiger.  amazing.  totally worth the cold
 they had this huge and cool swan that moved, i quite liked it. chris made fun of me for it. ha
 see how it moved
 so cool
 ok, then we saw the monkeys.  do you see what i see?
a mama and her BABY on her back
 it was the cutest thing. ever
 see the mama and her baby?
 it was so cute. even the MEN were watching them
 the zoo turned the rabbit house into a snow village. after seeing this, ive decided that when the kids get older, im totally gonna collect village pieces and make my own snow village
 then we hit up the huge park
which was so fun for the kids
the snow and cold temps made them FLY down the slides and i mean FLY
it was so funny to watch the kids airborne out of the slide