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 we did a small christmas this yr. i mean small.  the kids big gifts were candy i would never buy them but they always ask for at the store, pop and more candy.  i decided to go way under budget and just buy a few things that they can use.  the kids didnt even notice! 

we had the kids wait until 7:30 and we all went down together. poor joey was confused and not into being woken up at the ungodly hour of 7:30. haha

my parents got me this amazing tree ornament with bens name on it. i put it center on the tree, im not going to pack it away with the christmas things but keep it up in the front room
 nate was thrilled to open candy! haha we didnt even do chrismas socks this yr!
 rock on skittles in a tube!
 joey took a while to wake up and warm up to being awake before 8 am. ha
 and refused a kid picture
 ellie got some clothes. paw patrol
 joey opened a few gifts with some help
 ellie opened her socks made with love for aunty ursi
 nate was thrilled with his big present. LEGO!
 nate helping joey.  joey had lots of helpers christmas morning
 and she put all the garbage away. tippytoes!
 nates other big gift was a 6 pack of POP. his fav flavour. this next to the lego was his best gift. i would NEVER buy him pop. so this thrilled him. hahah  ellie was shocked too!
 he loves his pop (cost with deposit 3.40 SCORE)
 the kids around daddy
 joey's fav gift was her dinosaurs. joey LOVES dinosaurs!  cost 2.50!  score!
 nate opened his socks from ursi and put them right on. he loves them!
 the girls got a dr kit. i even bought gifts for the girls to share. 
 its about 9 am. joey was ready for a nap. lol
 there she goes. she put on ellie's high heel shoes that click, dr kit on one hand, dino's in the other and she was ready to go
 chris got the big gift this yr.  booze
 after the booze haha
 play doh!  the girls are into playing with play doh! so far they keep their mess containable.  awesome for the mom
 the girls spent christmas afternoon playing play doh, nate built his lego, chris slept and i spent Christmas day reading a BOOK!  i read it from cover to cover!
we stayed home christmas day and left boxing day to head up to hali.  we skipped the turkey dinner because we were leaving the following day and we had bacon and eggs...the boy's choice. haha

we had a large family get together on boxing day with my family, cousins, uncles and aunts.  what a HOOT it was!  we all agreed that we must do it on a more reg case...the last reunion was 3 YRS ago.  i saw my cousin and his wife for the first time in 20 yrs!!!!  i had such a great time talking and catching up with the cousins and meeting their new to me partners that i didnt take ONE pic!!!! i cant believe i didnt take one!  sob sob so we are thinking about planning another one next summer and see if ew can get all the family out west to come up.  but im sure i will be seeing more of my local family more this yr...