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new years!

 i was surprised by a good friend with a christmas gift, a beautiful local crafted candle and the most touching card.  im not pne for words but what she wrote in the card made me cry.  im keeping it.  its just nice to be told that you are valued by someone.  its the season right?

we went up to hali on sat to pick nate up and stay new yrs eve.  nate had SO much fun!  shawns had the week off and he took the kids bowling, to the pool, mcdee's, and the movies (cry took them to the movies) they played with the new video games, played together and had such a great time.  thank you SO much shawn for spending time with nate, he really likes you, thank you cry for hugging nate and being there for him when i wasnt.  nate had a grat time and it was the best way for him to spend his vacation!

chrlaie and ellie played together the whole time.  chris was surprised by how well the girls play together!
 after joey went to bed, we had raclette. so good. too much food. ha
 the boys made the place cards
 ellie sat on my lap, she stayed up way past her bed time
 nate at the head of the table. ha
 shawn just got off work, and from what he said it was a poopy day
the kids went to bed and the adults were all tucked in their beds by midnight the PREFECT way to spend new yrs. hahaha


Chris Eigenheer said...

...ALMOST perfect...